An Overlook from the Hanging Temple

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Questions & Answers about Hanging Temple

Asked by Ryan Mayer from Australia 2014-08-12

what was the ancient technology used in the building of the structure

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-08-12

I don't know what ancient technology was used in the building of the structure. I checked some books and searched all the Chinese materials in Baidu and could not find some helpful information. I just found this phrase when I googled, hope it helps: In apparent defiance of gravity, Hanging Temple is an architectural wonder with ingenious design. A unique mechanical theory was introduced in building the temple’s framework. Wooden crossbeams were half-inserted into the rock as the foundation, while the rock in back became its support. Therefore, the main supportive structure was hidden, and the Hanging Temple appears to be a castle in the air seen from below.

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