China Winter Tours

 Travel to China in winter you don't have to sit in the snow and cold – unless you want to – because there's plenty to do and see during winter in China.

China is such a large country with such varied topography and climate that "winter" doesn't mean the same thing all over the country. If you want to experience ice and snow, then head north and you'll have plenty of it. But you can also head south and experience a moderate winter with plenty of outdoor attractions. You can even go all the way south to Hainan Island and hang on the beach.

The below China Winter Tour Packages incorporate China's most popular winter destinations, they are well-designed for your winter holidays in China!

Beijing Winter Tours

Why visit Beijing in Winter 2022?1. Winter is a tourist off-season for Beijing, there are not many tourists in the Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, the different sections of the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games and other famous attractions in Beijing. Travel to Beijing in winter 2022, you can visit these places' stunning snowscape at your own pace. 2. The winter time of Beijing is Nov. Dec. Jan. and Feb. During this time, many hotels offer discount rooms...
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Best China Winter Trips

The below China winter trips, departing throughout December to March, have been adapted with best hotels and interesting activities that are best done in winter. Find the one that inspires you and start packing. 
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Chengdu Winter Tours

Get a taste of the magical winter in Chengdu: Go skiing, go worshiping, climb the snow covered mountains, make a side trip to the beautiful nearby places, have a cup of tea in the teahouse, play mahjong, enjoy hot pot, try various local yummy snack one of our Chengdu winter tour packages, you can do in Chengdu as the Chengdu locals do. 
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Jiuzhaigou Valley Winter Tours

These best Jiuzhaigou Valley winter tour packages will give you the opportunity to witness the best of the Jiuzhai Valley National Park. The magic, tranquility and stunning beauty of the Jiuzhaigou winter will surround you like a downy quilt. 
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Northeast China Winter Tours

Find wintry delights in the Norhteat China provinces: Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Jilin ! Our tour packages with skiing, ice related activities, caving, northeast china ice festivals, historical sites and interesting adventure in nature reserves and the great world geopark.
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Shanghai Winter Tours

Winter is a great time to see the real Shanghai, without crowds or sunburn. Discover the real charm, landmarks, skyline, atmosphere and culture of South China and Shanghai's best spots.
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Xiling Snow Mountain Tours

Winter settles early on the Xiling Snow Mountain coating everything in white. When Xiling Snow Mountain opens for its winter season in December, we invite you to share the magic of Xiling Snow Mountain with us. You can go snowshoeing on paths in the mountain or find many fun activities to do in Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort, including skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, Hot air ballooning, flying disc...
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Yellow Mountain Winter Tours

See breathtaking views of the Yellow Mountain (Mount Huangshan), the world cultural and natural heritage site. The wintry Yellow Mountain is famous for dramatic rocks, rime, snow-covered peaks and forests, grotesque pines, breathtaking sunrise & sunset, hot springs, mysterious valleys, and endless sea of clouds. Winter settles early in the Yellow Mountain coating everything in white. When Yellow Mountain opens for its winter season December first, we invite you to share the magic of "the...
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Yunnan Winter Tours

Searching a winter vacation that is somewhat sunny and warm in China? Then Yunnan is the best vacation destination for you this winter. Yunnan Winter Tour Packages offer you the scope to enjoy the southern province to the fullest. Yunnan is a land of splendor and charm. By making tours here, you can get a feel of the rich culture and heritage matched with scenic beauty.
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Zhangjiajie Winter Tours

Enhance your winter vacation to Zhangjiajie by engaging in one of our interesting Zhangjiajie winter tours. You can ascend atop the sandstone peaks to see the picturesque snowy sights of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park via lift and cable car, go through the Tianmen Cave and have a walk on the Glass Skywalk, or enjoy boating on Baofeng Lake. You explore Yellow Dragon Cave and learn about the Tujia culture...Any of these winter tours can be easily arranged when you arrive at Zhangjiajie Hehua...
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