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Hi Cathy,

We had a great trip to harbin, It’s a must do trip and we glade we did it. 

This 5 day harbin trip was well designed for westerners. Our tour guy Eric Liu was a legend! He was friendly, thoughtful and experienced. He is passion about harbin culture history and urge to show you beautiful harbin. The driver was efficient very experienced to avoiding bad traffics and harsh road conditions. 

The highlights of the trip are snowtown and ice festival. We really enjoyed to see the sunrise on top of the mountain and ice festival was magnificent! 

I also attached a few photos while we were in harbin. 


Audrey Xu (Australia)

Itinerary: 5-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Tour Dates: 0
2/06-10, 2019

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for the fabulous trip to Harbin Ice Festival. Walton was a great guide, and we also appreciated our driver (Mr. Wong) very much. The hotel was perfect, there was a lot of variety to the sites, the recommended restaurants were excellent, and we really enjoyed the Festival. 

Thanks again for your help,

Ardice (USA)

3-day Incredible Harbin Ice & Snow Festival Tour

Tour Dates: 02/02-04, 2019

A Great Feedback for Ice Festival Harbin from Cathy's Customers:

“My friend and I decided to visit Harbin for the Ice and Snow Festival in January 2019. We had read a lot about it and decided to book a three day tour through Ice Festival Harbin which had received very positive Trip Advisor reviews. We certainly weren’t disappointed. The Festival itself was fantastic - not just for the size and scale of the ice and snow art, but also for the quality of design and execution. It was also impressive to see the level of international cooperation with designers from all around the world entering often very quirky and detailed sculptures for the competition.

We were also very lucky with the weather when we were there (only -12 C on the night we went to the Ice Sculpture park!) and it was a delight just to walk around these magnificent sculptures and to see the night light show that brought them alive in different ways.

Our experience of dealing with Ice Festival Harbin for the tour was terrific. Everything was easy right from the beginning. From an administration point of view, Cathy was a delight to deal with. Every email from me was answered promptly and with charm. There were no hitches in any of the plans. Our driver and car were excellent, always on time and very comfortable. The hotel we stayed in (Jingu Hotel) was extremely comfortable and right in the heart of the old city. We really enjoyed just being able to walk around and enjoy Harbin in all its winter glory and with a lovely festival atmosphere. We felt perfectly safe and really liked the chance to just mingle with the locals enjoying the seasonal treats.

Our guide for the festival was Mr John. He was lovely, answered all our questions and made sure we got a good perspective on everything. He was also very thoughtful. We really liked the fact that he gave us a choice about where to eat lunch, one of which was just a local cafe making local soup. It was absolutely delicious and just what we liked. We definitely may take up his advice one day and come back another year in summer for the Harbin Music Festival. Now that we have seen your city in winter, It would be lovely to see it in full bloom at another time.

Although we do not speak Chinese and (apart from Mr John who spoke English very well) almost everyone we dealt with in restaurants, shops etc, spoke little or no English, we had no problems. Generally we found everyone very happy and helpful and with the use of a translation app on our phones, we always managed to find what we were looking for (and usually with a good few laughs along the way).

I thoroughly recommend both coming to the Ice and Snow Festival and using Ice Festival Harbin to organise the visit. They were reliable, professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again."

Veronica Webb (Australia)

3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates: 01/12-14, 2019

Good morning Tango,

Warren & I would like to sincerely thank you for our wonderful visit to Harbin & the Icefestival.  The itinerary was excellent & there are no words to thank Mr John & Mr Wu for their excellent expert guidance over this trip.  As well as the itinerary Mr John &  Mr Wu took us around everywhere to experience this wonderful event & sightseeing of Harbin. To experience the local culture was amazing.  Our hotel was perfectly located although we felt it was only 3 Star but certainly didn’t dampen our views of the overall package.  I can assure you we were totally blown away with the whole experience & wonder of Harbin @ this time.

We have sent thru all our photos & videos to all our friends & family advising them that they must visit this wonderful Icefestival. We will also go into Tripadviser to inform all of this exciting event.

Kind regards, 

Gloria & Warren (Australia)

Itinerary:  4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Tour Dates: 01/11-14, 2019

Thank you Cathy, 

We have arrived back safely in Australia. The trip was really great, everything about it was wonderful. Charlie is a blessing, so kind and helpful, a great 

guide. The driver was very good we felt safe at all times. 

The program was amazing, photos will not do justice to the snow and ice sculptures. We loved it, we were very surprised that we seemed to be the only 

westerners around. 

Thank you for the refund we did not expect that at all.

We will recommend you highly to our friends. 

Thanks again

Lorrene Brown (Australia)

Itinerary: 6-day Ultimate Harbin Tour Package

Tour Dates: 01/ 09-14, 2019

Hi Tango,

My mom and I have arrived back in Singapore. I would like to commend Ms Gloria on the exceptional service she has provided during the trip. My mom had a fall at the snow village and was unable to walk after the fall. She got us to the hospital and helped us through the process which was very unfamiliar to us. She also helped us to change hotels to a wheelchair friendly one. She even went the extra mile to lend us her mom’s wheelchair and walker and sent us to the airport. She was always there comforting us and providing us the assurance. 

I would like to thank her for this experience. She is really an outstanding guide.


Joey Chien (Singapore)

Itinerary: 2-day China's Snow Town Tour

Tour Dates: 01/03-04, 2019

Hi Cathy,

Hope all is good for you as well. Just thinking of dropping you a mail upon my return too.

We are very satisfied with the excellent services provided by yourself, Charlie and driver. Greatly appreciated and we really enjoy ourselves during the trip! :)

The arrangement was good with Charlie being early picking us up from the hotel and being engaging thorough and provide us with a lot of valuable information about the region and places we visited. Timing for rest and lunch was given adequately. Accommodation is satisfying, Appreciate the driver's safe and constant driving and offer his help to carry our bags.

Lastly, we like to extend our appreciation to you for providing us information and advice throughout. :)


Welson (Singapore)

Itinerary:  2-day China's Snow Town Tour

Tour Dates: 12/30-31, 2018

Hello Cathy! 

Thank you for your kind email! We all enjoyed our tour very much, and I would be happy to write good reviews. Which websites would you like me to write 

reviews on? We already recommended you to our friend Stephanie, who booked the same tour a few days after ours.

Our tour guide was amazing, and the driver was excellent. Thank you so much for your help in  organizing a memorable trip to Harbin!

Berenice (USA) 

Itinerary: 1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Dates: 12/24, 2018

Hi Cathy, 

Please apologize for a very very late respond. Here I'd like to thank you so much for such a perfect tour arrangement last December. We were very satisfied with the time management, and what were included in the package was also worth it for such a long journey, with a comfortable transport, overnight arrangement in the Snow village, English speaking tour guide with good information and everything. Our tour guide also met our needs, and gave us a very satisfying care and concern, helping us when we find troubles in communicating with locals. Really helped a lot. Some other time if by chance we will come again to China, we will definitely turn to you again. 

Thank you so much Cathy :)

Suziyanti Haji Mohd Saidi (Bruneian)

Itinerary: 2-day China's Snow Town Tour

Tour Dates: 12/09-10  2018

Hi Tango

I just want to say thank you for organising the trip for us.

We all had a wonderful time and Anna was fantastic.

And also Mr Cheng driver I may have got the surname wrong he was very nice too.

I will do a review on tripadvisor shortly.

Many thanks again

Emily Chiu (Hong Kong SAR)

Tailor-made 6-day Harbin Tour

Tour Dates:
01/29-03/02 2018


Thank you for your note- yes we have returned safely.

We had a great time, our guide Ashley was great and so was the driver. Ashely went the extra length to get us tickets to the Harbin Theatre and was very helpful.

We were met at airport as promised and everything went smoothly.

I would definitely recommend your company to anyone travelling to Harbin.


Warren (Australia)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates: 01/26-29 2018

Hi Tango,

I am writing to compliment the driver and the tour guide for our Harbin trip  few weeks ago. They were both very helpful and professional.

Especially Mr.Lu, the driver, who went above and beyond to make our few days in extreme cold Harbin warm and wonderful.

I will not hesitate to recommend your company and Mr. Lu to anyone interested in visiting Harbin.

Guat Leng (Australia)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates: 01/26 - 28 2018

Dear Tango Tan,

Pauline and I just returned from our wonderful trip to China.

Our tour of Harbin ( tour code: TT170304001) was very interesting and enjoyable.

Our tour guide Julian was very helpful and informative. He was reliable and always punctual as was Mr Yung our driver.

The extreme cold made it a new and interesting experience for us. We had packed warm clothes as suggested which worked well.

Our trip to Snow Town was wonderful. We stopped at Yabli which is about halfway between Harbin and Snow Town for a delicious lunch.

We also took a horse drawn sled ride in Yabli. We enjoyed that and being approached by 'rebels', actors with fake guns and firecrackers in the forest. Great fun. We were told that the temperature had dropped to - 37 °C.

Snow Town itself was a great place . Our hotel ( Snow Charms? ) far exceeded our expectations, the room very comfortable and clean , the building beautiful.

We explored Snow Town in the evening, the lights and the snow made it a magical experience.

Julian kindly gave us an opportunity to ride on a snowmobile and take part in other exciting activities but as we are getting on in ye were very happy with our horse and dog sled rides.  

Our hotel in Harbin was the 'Garden Plaza' (ex New Gloria?)  . A wonderful location by the river and at one end of Central Street. Lots of shops and restaurants close by.

To walk down Central Street in the evening is wonderful, the snow sculptures and lights impressive.

The only draw back and maybe something that can be told to other western tourists is that we were unable to use our Visa or American Express cards to pay for things.
Our hotel in Harbin couldn't exchange my US or Australian dollars for Yuan although I had read that they could. I found a branch of the ICBC Bank not far the hotel. I waited a while for one of the 'cash exchange' windows before being taken by a helpful customer to the 'VIP' area. That worked well and its worth noting that passports are often needed at banks and for entry to some attractions.

The staff at the hotel were helpful, I had difficulty signing in to the free WI-fi, within minutes of asking for their help they came and installed a modem in my room!

The visit to the 'Siberian Tiger Park' in Harbin was wonderful. So many large healthy tigers and families in large areas. Very enjoyable.

All the ice sculpture places were amazing and well worth the visit. The compacted snow isn't usually too slippery but Mr. Yung kindly loaned me a pair of crampons to put on my shoes. I felt much safer walking on the snow and ice wearing them.

All together Pauline and I had a great trip many thanks

yours sincerely

Alan Taylor (Australia)

Itinerary: 5-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Tour Dates: 01/22-26 2018

Dear Mr. Lee,
We are back home. We shall never forget this marvelous town and their ice creations.

Special thanks to Ana (guide) that was kind, effective and with a big knowledge. Driver was also very efficient.

Finally, thanks to you, Mr. Lee for organizing this nice trip; you have very good collaborators and service providers.

Kindest regards.

Joseba (Spain)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Tour Dates: 01/20-23 2018

Hi Cathy,

We are back here in Manila, safely. We thank you for the opportunity to experience Harbin - definitely bucket-list worthy!

Our driver, though cannot speak english is one who is genuinely protective (caring). Mr. Zhang (i think), often would be around us when necessary to veer us away from rowdy crowds or any danger like uneven cobblestones or steps. He even thought to share a few of his articles of winter clothing when he sees us shivering from the crazy cold weather. He drives attentively and safe that we are able to take naps every now and then when on road. We love that he always smile often.

Julian, is a very able guide - a stick for the blind, so to speak. Literally, we do not have any idea what we will experience in Harbin but Julian provided us with the necessary information, that sense of feeling secured, and also, friendship. We are comfortable with Julian with any topic. He responds with honesty and sincerity. He never forces anything we do not feel like doing. I observed also that Julian has good command of time. We were never late nor early to an event. He manages time very well. I truly deserves the highest recommendation possible, 10 of 10. In fact, if ever we get to have a chance to return back to Harbin or any northern city in China, please hook us up again with Julian. We will miss him dearly.

As for Cathy our tour coordinator, our sincerest respect. Cathy is able to organize and coordinate everything as if she was just sitting beside me, hahaha. She's amazing! Shes one who does not need to be reminded of, but takes initiative in her task to make it easy for us. It lightens the worries I had to brave with when drafting the suggested itinerary. We love that she communicates clearly all the details and the big picture. We will definitely book with her again give n chance.

Cathy, saw a link on your email on tripadvisor. I will post a review later after attending office duties. Please allow me a bit of time on this.  

Okay, this is it for now... Am off to a meeting.

Later, Cat.

Kindest Regards,

Redentor (philippines)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 6-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Tour Dates: 01/16-21 2018

Hi Tango,

We filled out the feedback form but there was no space left for more feedback.

So I am writing more feedback via email here.

Overall the tour was very good. The guide Debby worked very hard and was very professional. The driver Mr. Liang was a very good driver and navigated tricky road conditions very well. We were very happy with both of them.

There was only 1 thing that we were not happy about. The drive to Snow Town could have been handled much better by icefestivalharbin. Because we are overseas travellers we have big luggage and heavy bags. It was very difficult to take all of our luggage to the hotel in Snow Town. We had to drag the heavy bags through now over a long distance. The tour should have arranged and told us to pack a small bag each for the one night at Snow Town, and made arrangements so that we could leave our heavy luggage at the hotel in Harbin. Since we were coming back to the same hotel the day after, there was no need to take everything with us to Snow Town.

If hotels in China do not allow customers to leave their luggage overnight with reception, then we would have booked just one room to store luggage for the one night.

Unfortunately we only saw how difficult it was to take all our bags from our tour van to the hotel room when we arrived at Snow Town. In fact we were not told about the way Snow Town is structured where tour vans must park quite far away, and cannot drive up to the hotel.

I think it is better for icefestivalharbin to inform their customers BEFORE the drive to Snow Town about the necessity to take only a small bag for one night in Snow Town, and leave all other luggage behind at the hotel in Harbin city.

Apart from this issue, we have a very good time during the tour.


Noel (Australia)

Itinerary: 5-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Tour Dates: 01/07-11 2018


Yes it has been my pleasure working with you and planning my trip, thanks for all your help.

I was very happy with the service of my driver and guide, Debby Wu.  They both were very accommodating,courteous, and respectful.  Great representatives for the country of China.  They made my trip pleasurable and easy and very memorable.  

I would highly recommend the services of your company to anyone going to Harbin and will do so on the appropriate websites.  

Please remind me did I come to your organization through Expedia?

Thanks for all you have done to make my trip so memorable.

Joanne (USA)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Tour Dates: 01/4-7 2018

Dear Cathy,

Just wanted to thank you for arranging a very enjoyable trip to Harbin. It was well organized and the driver and guide were very good. Had a great visit despite the very cold weather--was able to buy some nice warm boots there and eat a lot of the jiaozi.

Best regards,

Natasha (UK)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates: 01/2-5 2018

Hi Tango

Yes transfer came through thanks.

Thank you very very very much for your help and organisation :) :) :)

The Family is very happy with the trip.

We arrived home last night safely.

Highlight of trip was definitely Hiking great wall ( amazing )& Harbin Ice Festival (beautifull).

Yabuli snow skiing was disappointing as there was not much snow. Not good for skiing, but hotel was good.

I would probably suggest to you for any other western tourist visiting Yabuli to have English guide for help there. Not very good English in yabuli.

All the drivers & cars very good and all the tour guides excellent and hotels good.

We will highly recommend you and Harbin ice tours to every body.

Many Thanks

Mick and Family (Australia) :)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 9-day Harbin Yabuli Beijing Tour

Tour Dates: 01/02-10 2018

Dear Cathy,


I wish to express my full appreciation to the very well organized tour you gave us.

I do not regret anything at all, especially the tour guides and their drivers.

They where very attentive in their job.

Also the hotels……Shangri-la in songbei harbin beautifull and the regent in Beijing very central and of the highest quality.

Now please give an idea for another tour to china.

This time to Tibet and Kathmandu,and another province with beautifull scenery and nature.

This is going to be our next trip to china.

Thanks and regards

Mario and monica Fenech (Malta)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 10-day Beijing and Harbin Winter Tour

Tour Dates: 12/27 2017 - 1/05 2018

Hi Tango,
Nice to hear from you and I also regret that we were not able to meet. Anyway, It’s been a week since I came back from my trip to Harbin. Surely, I’m more than glad to give you a feedback on my trip.
Let’s start with the driver since he was my first encounter on this trip. Mr. Wei (was that his name?) was on time and greeted me with a smile which really was a warm welcome after a very long flight. I have to say, he was a very good, safe driver all throughout the tour and I was very appreciative of his punctuality, politeness and driving ability. He was a very safe driver especially since it had been snowing. Well done!
Mr. Walton, my tour guide, was a great choice! Impeccable English, very knowledgeable when it comes to the history and culture of Harbin, in particular and China, in general. I’ve been to many tours and had a lot of tour guides and interpreters and I have to say that Walton was one of the best I ever had. He was not only a tour guide and interpreter but more like a friend. He treated me politely, kindly, with respect and was most patient with me all throughout the tour. He even helped me get a good bargain in my shopping! He even rejected the amount of my tip for him because he felt it was too much! I can’t believe it. He was very honest and didn’t take advantage of me. Other tour guides would have just accepted it.  Truly you chose well and thank you for that.
Holiday Hotel City Center was impressive. They ranked high in my list of accommodation. Very respectable personnel , very clean environment and great location. Breakfast was awesome! So much choice.
The Ice Festival was amazing! I was so thankful that I went through it despite being discouraged by some friends not to go because of the weather. I was glad I did. It was once-in-a-lifetime experience and well worth it. The itinerary was well thought of. The scheduling of what to see each day was really very good (although we had to interchange some days due to weather which I appreciated). My gratitude for adding the Harbin Opera House at my request. I was very much impressed and satisfied with the tour. Well done!
Tango, thank you so much for your patience and for all your help and suggestions. I still have to make plans with the Silk Road Tour and another tour that I saw in one of my tour brochures. I have a ten-year visa so I might as well use it while I’m still younger J. Anyway, I would appreciate you’re your suggestion on what’s the ideal length of tour for the Silk Road, the best time to do it. Also, do you happen to have the tour that comprises of Shanghai, Mt. Huang, Tunxi, Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Wulong, Chongqing, Nine Village Valley and Chengdu. This tour is being offered by one of the tour companies in China. It’s supposedly a 19-day tour. Could please give me a price and also that of Silk Road? It’s still early but I plan a year ahead all the time for my vacations. By the way, hotel accommodations should be or close to the standard of Holiday City Center Harbin.
Again, thank you very much for everything! I’m looking forward to doing business with you again.

Best regards,

Quinto (USA)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 5-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates:
02/19-23, 2017

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for receiving your email.  Hope this year of the Rooster bring you happiness and luck to you!

I am really enjoy and happy about the trip arrangement, your Tour guide is very nice and the driver is also helpful.  I really appreciate for their good performance.

If I plan to visit other cities in China, I will contact you.

Best regards

Lily (Brunei Darussalam)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 10-day Ultimate Harbin Tour Package

Tour Dates:
01/20-29 2017

Hi Tango,

The driver was very kind in lending me his coat. Mr. Walton was always aware of my needs and arranged everything accordingly. I really enjoyed my tour. Both the driver and Mr. Walton went out of their way.

Xie Xie!

Sammi (UK)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates: 01/20-22 2017

Hi Tango,

Many thanks for a wonderful tour of your lovely town Harbin.

I loved the experience from the moment we were picked up from the airport.

I would highly reccomend your services

Thank you and best withes to you.

Thanks to Mr. Chen (driver) and Amy  (guide)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Tour Dates: 01/8-11 2017

Hi Tango,

Alina was very professional, knowledgeable & enjoyable to be with. She knew exactly where to sit me on the tiger tour bus and for the shows in Polarland for the best sits.

The hotel was in a good location however the staff weren't very friendly or helpful.

Overall, I loved my time here in Harbin and Alina was very accommodating and her English was excellent.

I wish that I had Alina for a few more days to show me around and teach me more about Harbin and China.

Thanks & regards,

William (Australia)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 7-day Harbin Ski Holidays

Tour Dates: 01/5-11 2017

Hi Tango,

Thanks for helping with this mishap with the bank, do you need bank information or can it just be returned with information you already have on file.

We did want to thank you personally for helping organise our trip. It was unbelievable, exceeded our expectations and we had the most fun. Billy and the driver were always finding more things for us to see, experience and enjoy.  They took us to the new opera house which neither of them had seen before, the Baroque Chinese section of Harbin which was fantastic.  

We were able to add a few items to our trip as the Museum was only partly open due to renovations in the historical section, only the palaeontology section was open.

The science museum on Sun Island could have been visited if we had known about it , we passed it on the way to the Snow sculpture park , you might wish to add it to your list of places people might like to visit.

Thank you again Tango for your help in making this trip so fantastic.

Rhona (Australia)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

 Tour Dates: 12/30 2016 - 1/2 2017

Dear Cathy,

Thank you very much for a very nice icy experience in Harbin. The tour guide and our driver were a great help during our stay, they tried to make our short vacation worry free and not to forget we had a nice time enjoying the chinese foods.


William from the Philippines

Itinerary: Tailor-made 5-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates:
12/28 2016 - 1/1 2017


Thank you for arrangements in Harbin, Hannah and I are very pleased that Mr Walton Wang was our tour guide and that young driver (forgot his name). Both of them are fabulous and every preference is accommodated well.

Although there was a mild mix up at the start, which was not the fault of the driver, we left feedback in the evaluation for future tourists you may have coming straight from HKG and transiting via Yantai with Shenzhen air.  I will happily write a 5 star recommendation for your tour agency re: Harbin ( if you have the link on tripadvisor) and will be pleased to reference it to our friends/family who may come to Harbin in the future.


Fiona  (Australia)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 5-day Relaxing Harbin City Break Tour

Tour Dates: 12/23-27 2016

Hello Tango,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the tour and everyone who helped make it possible. You were so helpful, responsive and flexible with changing the tour around for us to meet our needs and we really appreciated it.
And our guide Jenny was amazing. I think she is one of the best guides I have ever had in China. We found out on Monday that our Tuesday flight was canceled, so Jenny contacted Ctrip for us and took care of everything to get us on the next best flight and to rearrange our schedule to make this all work for us.
Thanks again for everything. It was greatly appreciated!
Kim (Canada)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 2-day Chengdu Tour

Tour Dates: 03/28-29 2016

Hello Tango
I seem to have bought home the china flu, so it has taken while for me let you know about our trip.
We would like to thank you so much for organising our holiday itinerary, we felt safe with our drivers and guides, learnt never cross the road without looking for motorbikes.
Was great to see the Great Wall the terracotta warriors and the panda bears.
I think harbin won me over with all its buildings and colour,sadly we did not get to see major ice buildings was deemed dangerous we flew out next day, but we did get see some of the streets ice works and snow, and at the park ice sculpture's  in hindsight i wished we had gone January but my sister couldn't get away  at the time
with the guides we had were all very well spoken and  very proud of their city their knowledge and history was remarkable
I would recommend china to visit, they keep the streets clean and the food is great  often people would ask for picture and pose with us, the children were lovely  and little shy
I will tell people if they want to go china to contact your company
thank you so much
cheers carolyn and fiona (Australia)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 13-day Beijing Harbin Xian Chengdu Shanghai Winter

Tour Dates: 02/8-20 2016

Hi Tango,

I wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our trip to Beijing and Harbin! Thanks for helping us book this vacation. Our tour guides were great too.


Heather and Joe (USA)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 8-day Beijing and Harbin Winter Tour

Tour Dates: 01/28 - 02/4 2016

Dear Tango,

Thank you for notice. Jojo is terrific and we had a good time. Mr. Shi the driver was also excellent. We couldn't have managed without them both.

My compliments to the entire crew.

Kind regards,

Mei Mei and Dexter Hong (USA)

Itinerary: Tailor-made  7-day Harbin Volga Manor & Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates: 01/29 - 02/4 2016

Dear Cathy,

I'm contacting you now to give you some feedback about my trip to Harbin.

I had a fabulous time - Harbin is definitely a lovely place to visit and it is a special experience to visit and see the ice and snow and cold temperatures.
I think your company offers a great service. All of the bookings and the payment arrangements were handled very efficiently.
The arrangements you made for me worked out very smoothly and were a very big factor in the enjoyment of my trip.
The driver was punctual and skillful, he was very reliable and th care was clean and comfortable and warm.  The guide Daniel was great. He was very interesting and I've learnt a lot. He was also very good company and was concerned for my welfare as it is quite easy to slip over on the ice but he made sure I was always safe and comfortable. He had very good English and really went out of his way to give me a memorable trip.
Thanks for all the arrangements.
 As I've been out of the office for a couple of days I'm quite busy today but I will post to Tripadvisor and recommend your company to others as I think you offer a very good service.
Thanks for everything

Sue (Australia)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 15-day Highlights of China
Tour Dates:  01/23-02/6 2016

Hi Cathy,

I had a great trip. Daniel is an excellent guide and he has really looked after me very well.

The car is warm and the driver is skillful. I will delightly recommend this tour.


Susan (Australia)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice and Snow World Tour

Tour Dates: 01/23-26 2016

Hi David Lee,

We had a wonderful trip to Harbin recently. Our guide Daniel was extremely helpful,guiding us to the famous ice structures expos, and all the important tourist sites.Our driver Mr Chui was also useful and also a quite safe driver, promptly picking us from the airport, tours and sending us  back to the airport.

Thanks David for arranging our Harbin tour.

Yours sincerely,

Raja Mohan Nathan (Malaysia)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Tour Dates: 01/13-16/2011

Dear Tango,

Thank you for organizing our trip. We really enjoyed ourselves and had wonderful experiences.

You managed to secure nice hotels at good locations.

Susie and Susan were great guides.

Susie was resourceful and Susan was very caring.

Was great having them as our guides.

I would definitely recommended you and your company to my friends.

Thumbs up to all of you. I hope you can forward this email to your management so that you and the guides can get due credit for your great work done.


Kala (Singapore)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 8-Day Beijing & Harbin Tour

Tour Dates: 12/19-26/2015


We had a wonderful day in Harbin. (Although it was extremely cold!!!)

Everything was very beautiful. The face show and tigers were amazing.

JoJo (our guide) and our driver were very helpful and friendly. Spoke English very well.  Great tour is highly recommended.

Bruce Brenda Eckel family.

Texa, USA

Itinerary: 1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Date: 12/26/2015

Hi Cathy,

Thank you for your kind message. It was very nice to meet you at Guilin! First of all, we would like to thank you for your professionalism, promptness, and friendliness while making all necessary arrangements pertaining to our trip. You are so easy to work with and thank you for your kind and prompt response every time we sent an inquiry.

We had a wonderful time in China. Most of the tour guides were helpful, exceptionally friendly and very knowledgeable.

The drivers were all friendly, helpful, and skilled.  We felt safe with their driving and with leaving our luggages with them.  

The hotels were excellent except for the one in Yangshuo.  It was not clean and there was no elevator.  We had to carry our bulk luggages up the stairs by ourselves.

Again, it’s been great working with you and we would definitely contact you again for our next China trip. We will also recommend you and Ice Festival Harbin to our family and friends.

Again, thank you for everything.

Amanda  (USA)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 13-day East & South China Tour

Tour Dates: 04/01-13/2015

Hi Jane thanks! 

Everything was very good, just a little expensive for one day and no meals.

The guide was very polite and patient I really like her although English is not very good to establish a conversation is enough to get me around.

The driver good too and they were adjusting to my timing.

Finally I will recommend tour guides and driver to eat along with tourist specially when it is only one person like me. Usually this is not seen bad as you may think and will love some company.

Thanks a lot for everything and the follow up too

Monica Izquierdo (USA)

Itinerary: 1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Date: 02/21/2015
Dear Kathy,

Thank you for your email.

I enjoyed your company and Miss Zhao's service very much.  She is a wonderful and aspiring young woman.


E. C. Looi (USA)

Itinerary: 1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Dates: 02/14/2015

Hi Alice,

Thank you for your e-mail. Everything was very well arranged and I will contact you most definitely for another city in China in the coming years.

I wrote a review on TripAdvisor already two weeks ago.

Thank you for your effort.

Kind regards,

Ilse Naves (Netherlands)

Itinerary:  1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Date: 02/12/2015

Hi Jane,
Regarding my comments on the Harbin tour, they are as follows:
Our trip to Harbin was amazing. We really appreciated the smiling guide who was there to greet us at the airport, and her flexibility and patience with us throughout the tour. As the weekend progressed, we decided we wanted to spend more time exploring the downtown area and therefore we asked the guide to re-arrange the schedule to accommodate our changing interests. She was so helpful and agreed to reschedule our pickup times as well as rearrange some of the items on the tour to accommodate our needs.
We were very impressed with both the guide and the driver, and they really did their best to make it a great trip for us. 
The hotel was also very nice, and we really enjoyed the casual atmosphere of the hotel bar. And the band even had me get up and sing a song with them the first night we were there!
The restaurant at the hotel was also very good. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet that offered both Western and Chinese food, and the dinner we had at the hotel restaurant was also very nice, and offered a great selection, including several Russian dishes, which were delicious.
I would gladly recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in seeing Harbin. It was well worth it.
Kim (Canada)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Date: 02/06-08/2015

Dear Ms Cathy.

Kindly accept my sincere thanks for a wonderful & memorable time we had for the planned trip to Harbin.

Kindly allow me to express my sincere gratitude to Mr.P.H.Rao. & your team for this happening.

I, personally owe a lot to both, for all your work.

Simply Love you.

Capt.S.V.Kalele. (India)


In future please be our Guest.


Itinerary: Tailor-made 9-day Shanghai Beijing and Harbin Winter Tour

Tour Dates: 02/05-13/2015
For Alice

We have made a number of trips to China before and really enjoyed Harbin.  We thought that the city was very clean, people very friendly and getting around was relatively easy

The Tour guide, Hank, was first rate.  He confirmed our pick up time, met us promptly, explained what we were going to do for the day and the asked for any feedback.  We were able to eat in a great local dumpling restaurant – much better than the food in other “tourist” hotels that we have visited in China.

The timing of the tour was just right – taking into account the cold.  Being able to split the events into four allowed us to see the various facets of Harbin in a timely fashion.

I can highly recommend the ice sculpture and ice festival – we thought some of the best attractions that we have visited in our five years in China

Mark (Hong Kong, China)

Itinerary:  1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Date: 02/04/2015

Dear Cathy,

I came home today very early in the morning (Landed at 03:00 AM) after a long flight of 11 hours from Beijing. I woke up just now and I am glad to answer you immediately.

The Harbin tour was for me a once in a lifetime experience. Starting with your very prompt, detailed and helpful mail correspondence which gave me the good  (and justified) feeling that a very proper organization stands behind the whole venture.

In Harbin itself the program was excellent, the shows and exhibitions were superb. The guide was knowledgeable, very helpful  and generally a very nice person. The driver (who waited for me after midnight at the airport and placed me in the hotel) was also very kind, professional and nice.

In short-  I am running out of superlatives to describe the tour.

So thank you, thank the guide Billy Yu , the driver and of course the whole of Harbin Festival.

I hope to be again somewhere in China in the future and maybe I shall even have the luck to meet you

Best and most sincere wishes

Iris Arad (MS) (Israel)

Itinerary: Tailor-made  6-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Dates: 02/03-08/2015


Thank you for organising our Harbin trip it was amazing!

Could you send a message to Susan for me thanking her for a great time and send my apologies that I can’t contact her as the company I work for has forgotten to renew the contract on all our mobile phones!

She is a lovely lady who gave us a lifetime experience so thanks to her and again you also J

Xie xie

Kevin (UK)

Itinerary:  1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Date: 01/31/2015

Thanks Jane 

Everything from the tour was great!

The driver and tour guide were really nice to us and we are a hundred percent satisfied!

Fernanda (Mexico)

Itinerary: 1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Dates: 01/31/2015

Dear Cathy,

Yes, we got back to Melbourne as scheduled and we were welcomed by temperatures of about +30 C. Sorry for the delayed response, but both Andrew and I came back with a severe flu, and we are in the process of recovery. We assume the extreme temperature differences had something to do with it.

The trip was fantastic and went as planned, without any problems. Cathy, we can't thank you enough for organizing everything for us in every detail. We had no trouble at the airports, and all flights were on time. There was no problem with meeting up with Lily, our tour guide in Beijing, and also the driver was most courteous throughout our time there. We would like to particularly point out that Lily did an outstanding job of showing us the sights on our itinerary. She is very knowledgeable, and we learnt a lot about Chinese history. On one of the evenings we wanted to go out and see the 'Kung Fu' Show, so she took care of making the bookings, and more than that, Lily and the driver offered to take us there and bring us back to the hotel afterwards. She really went out of her way to oblige, and be helpful to us. Lily took us to a very nice restaurant for lunch, where we had a beautiful Chinese meal.

Arriving in Harbin, it got a lot colder of course, and we were met as planned by Jason. Once in the car, he and our friendly driver took us to Yabuli. The hotel was warm and reasonably comfortable, but unfortunately due to Jason's limited English, we had a bit of a language problem which caused a few misunderstandings in regard to what we wanted to do and our food choices. He is a nice young man, though, and tried to be helpful and Yabuli's skiing was of an excellent standard. Harbin as a city, and the attractions relating to the Ice Festival are fantastic. We were well prepared with warm clothes for the cold temperatures, as all these sights are outdoor activities, and at times we felt sorry for Jason, as he was feeling the cold much more than we did.

Once we got to Shanghai we were met by Monica (and a milder climate!) The Holiday Inn you booked for us, was very comfortable, and like the other hotels, in a very central position. Monica was most attentive and pleasant, and gave us a very informative tour of the city and an insight into the Shanghai life-style. I think she was disappointed that we didn't make any purchases at the silk-factory, but we had visited Shanghai 2 years ago and had made our purchases then. For lunch Monica took us to a very nice place, where we experienced more beautiful Chinese food cooked at the table in front of us. The boat trip along the river was a new experience for us, as was the ride up the Pearl-Tower. The day was overcast and dull, but the views from the tower became more fantastic and photogenic as night time came, and the lights of this vast city started to sparkle. We were lucky that Monica (and our driver) didn't mind too much us staying on Pearl Tower until dark. We have some great photos as a result of that. May we suggest that a visit to Pearl Tower includes some time spent after dark in the itinerary for Shanghai.

So as you can see Cathy, everything went well; everyone involved was 100% reliable and dependable and helpful, and with visitors to China coming from a non-chinese speaking country like us, it was a comfort for us to be escorted by reliable and helpful guides.

We hope this information is helpful to you, and once again we thank you for all the work you have done to make this a very memorable holiday indeed.

We hope to stay in touch with you, as it has been a pleasure dealing with you, and some time in the future we would like to return to China to see more of this beautiful country and meet more of the beautiful people in it.

With all best wishes and a Very Happy New Year,

Barbara and Andrew (Australia)

Itinerary: 10-day Beijing Harbin Shanghai Winter Tour

Tour Dates: 01/25-02/03 2015


- Friendly

- Easy to talk too

- Experience/knowledge about Harbin and Harbin history/development

- Good English


- Friendly

- Drive safe

- Use seat belt (I like J )


The tour meets my expectation and the guide offer to help me if I wanted to see something extra/other area etc.

Martin Tomingas (expat in China)

Itinerary: 1-day Harbin Private Tour

Tour Dates: 01/23/2015

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for your email, good to hear from you again. Our tour of Harbin, Yabuli and China’s Snow Town went very smoothly. We were met on arrival at Harbin Airport by May Zhang, our guide, and John, our driver,  and were driven straight to our accommodation at  the Holiday Inn City Centre. May gave us an interesting introduction to Harbin as we drove. At the hotel, May obtained for us a room upgrade. In fact she did so for every night that week in Harbin, Yabuli and Snow Town.

The hotels in Harbin and Yabuli were very good, but  the one in Snow Town was not to the same standard. Incidentally, it is now named “Day’s Hotel and Suite”, not “Snow Town Boutique Resort”.

May’s English skills were very good and we had no problems understanding each other. She was an excellent guide, always reliable and helpful and very knowledgeable about the places we visited.

John was a very good driver and made us feel safe in all situations.

We enjoyed all the attractions that you had arranged for us, except we felt  the evening at the Russian Theatre restaurant in Harbin was too long and the meal was disappointing.

Thank you again for all  the excellent help you provided us in arranging our tour. We will have no hesitation in recommending your company to our friends.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and good fortune in 2015.

Best Regards

Hania and Kevin Roe (Australia)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 8-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Tour Dates: 01/19-18/2015

Dear Cathy,

Thank you for your arrangements in Harbin.  Everything was excellent!  I liked the guide, mr. Wu, very much.He was very patient and helpful, and of course the sights were unbelievable.  The ice and snow sculptures are masterpieces, and I think it is sad that they will melt away in spring.  But  of course there will be new ones next year. I hope I will be able to come back some time!  Also, I had two drivers who were very reliable and safe.  The hotel was wonderful, with a very pleasant staff.  Thank you again - for everything!   

Best regards

Ingrid Lerum (Norway)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Winter Tour

Tour Dates: 01/09-12/2015


Thank you for helping us plan our trip.  We enjoyed ourselves even with the freezing cold weather.  As to comments about the tour, guide, etc. please see below:

1.  We really enjoyed Yvonne.  She was very energetic and helpful and had great things to say about Harbin and its’ history.  She spoke excellent English and was very knowledgable about places to eat and walk on our own.  She tried to keep to the schedule but also allow us time to wander when we wanted.  

2.  We were a little delayed on Friday and felt a little crunched for time because of our flight delays by 2 hours.  We didn’t get to see walking street but did get a chance to go to the church and Yvonne got us inside even after it closed.  We also had a chance to see the park in the Harbin downtown area.  She took us to warm up when we all started getting cold and was helpful in translating when necessary.

3.  Saturday was very busy and we were exhausted by the time we were finished.  Yvonne prepared us on Friday evening about the weather being colder and to properly dress.  Without this warning I think all of us would have been even colder almost to the point of misery.  Because of the warning I think we were more prepared which allowed us to enjoy the day more.  We enjoyed all the sites.

4.  The bus driver was very nice and helpful and available when we needed him.  Our one complaint is that the bus smelled like cigarette smoke. Some of us are allergic to cigarette smoke and it made us feel a little sick while on the bus but we were able to tolerate it.  One suggestion is to make sure the buses don’t smell like smoke.  

5.  While I know we got our own hotel rooms I wanted to let you know that the hotel itself was nice and clean and the breakfast was varied enough for all and the staff was somewhat helpful.  The biggest complaint we have is that we asked for a non-smoking room which we were provided; however, guests were allowed to smoke near the elevators on the non-smoking floor and this smoke made the rooms smell like smoke.  I have contacted the hotel about this but in the future it might be beneficial to let guests know that while the room is non-smoking the floor is not.  

Thanks again for everything.  We really enjoyed our time in Harbin and loved seeing the beautiful ice and snow sculptures.

Leslie Taylor (expat in China)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Family Winter Holidays

Tour Dates: 01/09-12/2015

Hi Cathy,

Our Guide and Driver were very attentive, on time and friendly. We saw everything we wanted and were very pleased with the hotel location and facilities and would recommend these and your services to our friends.

Just for your information, from our point of view, we were disappointed with the Siberian Tiger Park and believed it to be a rather crowded, old-fashioned animal zoo and not a rehabilitation facility as expected. There were also animals there that originated from hot countries such as Africa, which would have found the cold weather very uncomfortable as their fur would not have been enough to protect them. They were also held in cages we considered far too small. We would not recommend this attraction to our friends.

The Harbin people we met during our stay were friendly and honest towards us, which made our stay even more enjoyable.

Thank you,


Kathy Dwyer and Nick Hickling (New Zealand)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Tour Dates:  01/07-10/2015

We had a 5-day tour of Harbin and Xuexiang with the IceFestivalHarbin company.

 In that time we have Theo and Sunny as our tour guides. Theo showed us around Harbin and Sunny took us to Xuexiang. Both are fantastic people! We could not have had a better time on better guides. Our driver was very safe and was concerned for our welfare and safely at every stage of our tour. 

We highly recommend IceFestivalHarbin and Mr. Chen, Theo, and Sunny and hope that one day we can tour again with them. 

The planning of our tour was handled very professionally by Cathy and we highly recommend this company for their superior service and quality of staff.  

Scott and Catherine Kain and Family (expat in China)

Itinerary: 5-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Tour Date: 01/04-08/2015

Dear Cathy

This is to express our appreciation and joy of our China trip last week. All your arrangements were perfect and we have really enjoyed every single minute of our trip. The Harbin experiance in particular was extra ordinary and the professionalism of Amy Xu was just unbeatable. 

We will definitively recommend you organization to any of our friends over here in Switzerland. 

Thank you again for your great support and also our best regards to Shirley, 

Rolf & Sonja Moor (Switzerland)

Itinerary: 7-day Beijing and Harbin Winter Tour

Tour Dates: 01/02-08/2015

Hi Alice,

Many thanks for your help, we had a fantastic time.
Jason was very good tour guide and we appreciate his help.
The driver made us scared. He was Talking on the mobile phone while driving on the highway to Yabuli.
He was also falling asleep and had problems keeping his eyes open while driving.
On the Trip from Yabuli to Harbin, he wasn’t watching the road and nearly crashed.
We were worried for our children safety.
This was the only bad experience.

The tours were fantastic and I have recommended you to my friends (James Armstrong).

Many thanks and kind regards,

Steve Blasdale  (Australia)

Itinerary: 5-day Harbin Ski Holidays

Tour Dates:  12/28/2014 - 01/01/2015

Dear Cathy,

Regarding the trip, we felt a great relief when we saw Jason, the local guide already at the Harbin Airport when we arrived.  The trip arrangement was very satisfactory.  With Jason's help, we got sufficient warm clothing for our excursion to the Snow Town.  Moreover, he helped us to take good pictures for the trip.  The driver performed professionally.  During the stressful drives for hours, he could refrain from smoking in the car.  Moreover, the car was clean and spacious.  We enjoyed the trip very much.  Thanks a lot for your good trip arrangement, Jason's nice advice and care as well as the professional driver.


Winnie (Hong Kong, China)

 Itinerary:  5-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Tour Dates:  12/28/2014 - 01/01/2015

Hi Alice,

 Just wanted to send you a quick email in regards to our recent holiday booked through yourself to Harbin( Dec 30-3 Jan). It was AMAZING and we will always remember the spectacular sights we saw, thanks to you in helping and organising our itinery. Also must make mention to our fabulous guide Susan. She was such a pleasure each day to have take us around and she was great talking and interacting with our 3 children, aged 7, 12 and 15. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and would like to thank you for having Susan as she was highly educated in what she spoke about and it showed us the cultural culture she loved speaking about. Please give her our kindest regards and once again thank her for the wonderful 5 days she spent with us. Also to you Alice, you have given us many wonderful memories.

Gary and Kylie Barnsley (Australia)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 5-day Harbin city tour

Tour Dates:  12/30/2014 - 01/03/2015

Hi Cathy,

I am leaving Harbin to day back to Hong Kong. Me and my husband did have a wonderful time here. Your guide May was such a wonderful person, pretty, warm, caring ( 體貼入微)and driver was effecting also. 

Have a Happy New Year and looking forward to deal with you next trip to China.

Sally (Canada)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 4-day Harbin Tour 

Tour Dates:  01/05-08/2015

Hi Alice,

Our harbin experience was wonderful, from the planning stage all the way through.

I was wondering if you can help me with a tour to the above.

We would like to spend roughly 4 nights there and would like to experience the tree hotel for 2 nights.

I am looking at April 3rd to Tuesday the 7th of April..


Cass (Australia)

Itinerary:  3-day Harbin Family Winter Holidays

Tour Date: 12/28-30/2014


Local guide Leon was excellent. He always guided me and helped me when walk on the ice and snow. He opened the car door for me and was a real gentleman. 

Wilhelmina (Australia)

Itinerary: Tailor-made 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Tour Date: 12/27-30/2014

Hi Alice,

The trip to Harbin was splendid. Everything was well taken care off. Our driver was supreb. He could navigate those snow covered roads with ease and I felt very safe traveling with him. We encountered a mini accident on the way back from snow village, several buses fell into the ditch, but our driver was proactive and offered help to those in need. He took care of the situation really well, I was very impressed with him. Eric was very thoughtful too and also knowledgeable of the historical facts. I loved the restaurants he took us too, very good. Overall I had an enjoyable time in Harbin, even with the cold :)


Sonia (Indonesia)

Itinerary: 5-day Unforgettable Harbin and China's Snow Town Tour

Tour Date: 12/26-30/2014

Dear Cathy,

Firstly I must wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year! I trust you had a break over this time and had some wonderful fun.

Now on to our trip to Beijing and Harbin. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

It is quite stressful booking such a trip over the internet not knowing if we might actually be talking to somebody that may not be a real travel agent. But we had nothing to fear. You have done a fantastic job and given us a very smooth, safe and memorable trip to treasure for ever. We spoke of you quite often during the two weeks commending you on all that you organised. 

The flights were all correct and with the help of our guides we were checked in easily and without fuss, we even managed to get upgraded to the front of the plane between Beijing and Harbin. Both airlines were very good and I would not hesitate in flying with either again.

BEIJING — On arrival we were met by Adrian Wang our guide and then taken to the van and met our driver Master i. Both men were extremely pleasant. Adrians english is very good and I don’t think we had any miscommunications with him during our entire time. He was very knowledgeable and would give us as much information that we asked for. He has a very good sense of humour but also made sure everything was what we wanted. He even took us into the Hotel to make sure our bookings were correct ( even though we had booked these ourselves). The meals that were organised were all very good, with plenty to eat and drink. We wished we had had a couple of extra days to see more but think that what we did see was extremely good. Adrian was very good with changing days to suit us and even booked us into a show one evening. Our driver waited for us and then dropped us off to the hotel he was a very good driver and very happy to see us each day. For your information the Beijing 161 Hostel was very nice, staff very friendly and room although basic were clean and safe. The coffee shop and the staff were fantastic.

HARBIN— Again on arrival we were met by our guide Sarah. A very enthusiastic girl who throughly enjoys her job. She was very pleasant, polite and great fun to be around. She hit it off very well with our two kids and liked to be involved in everything we did. Her english is also good and we had no trouble communicating. Our driver had little english but was a very friendly, pleasant man a good driver and very accommodating. Meals in Harbin again were very good with Dumplings one day and Spring Pancakes the next but probably too much food on the first day. Sarah was very good standing in line getting tickets while we waited in the car as it was so cold. The snow and ice sculpture and festival was fantastic to see and we were given as much time to enjoy as we needed. The hotel in Harbin The Ibis was very clean, tidy and in a very good location. The staff are not very friendly but I think this is more to do with being under-staffed than being rude.

Cathy once again we say thank you for all your help booking our trip, you have done a fantastic job and you and your employer should be very proud. We have spoken with many people since returning and have said that if anybody is thinking of visiting China they should go through you.

Hopefully we may return to China again and if we do will definitely be in contact with you. As we have said to both our guides If you are ever in Australia please let us know.


(Sarah our guide on the far right)

Best Regards and Thanks

Brad, Silvia , Imogen and Declan Carruthers (Australia)

Customized Tour Itinerary: 8-day Beijing and Harbin Tour


Cathy I had a great trip to Harbin thanks.  Was met at the airport by Celina my guide and driven in a comfortable car to the hotel.  The hotel was well located, spacious and comfortable, if a little tired in its furnishings.  Breakfast was fine although my favourite dishes from the first day (egg tart, dumplings) weren't on offer on the second day.  My guide was generally on time (one exception on the Sunday morning - when she was 10 minutes late but very apologetic).  The guide and driver helped find a bathhouse for me and recommended a place to eat on the Saturday evening.  I perhaps would have liked the guide to tell me more about the places we visited.  Overall I was pleased with the service provided.

Kind regards,  Susan Hobkinson (UK)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Hi Cathy! 

I'm great, thank-you for your kind email! 

I'm so busy at work these days that's why it took so long for me to get back to you. 

As for the trip, I had a good time. I enjoyed my trip and thought the drivers and guides were courteous and polite not to mention very informed. I'm glad I booked the tour with this company because you really helped me in terms of being flexible and sourcing reliable tours. 

The good memories I made are due mainly in part to the security I felt knowing that I was with good company and in safe hands throughout my trip. 

I have very limited Chinese ability so the fact that the guides spoke English so well was a blessing in my eyes. I am a satisfied and grateful customer and I will surely be contacting you in the future for my further China adventures.

Thank-you and best regards, 


Itinerary: 7-day Beijing and Harbin Winter Tour

Hi Cathy,

Sorry that I have not replied to you promptly. After leaving Harbin we went to Sapporo (Japan) for 4 days to have a look at their ice and snow festival – we were also delayed a day in Tokyo because of the snow blizzard – so really only arrived home on Monday and have been very busy catching up on several issues. We had a wonderful time in Harbin. It is hard to find words that describe all the ice and snow features. Are we pleased we went? Yes, for sure.

We give high praise to Risa (guide). Not only was she a good guide, but also a nice person. From the time we met until she assisted with check- in at departure we cannot fault her. Risa was just so patient with us being older people who could not always hurry. As well as all the normal guide duties you expect she assisted us in personal matters such as finding ATM’s, Pharmacy, toilets, etc. She presented information in a very pleasant manner and was able to discuss many issues of interest to us re Chinese customs. Of course, it was Chinese New Year and that made it all the more interesting. I think I had mentioned to you early in our planning that Coral had had both hips replaced and a knee only 3 months ago and needed to use a walking stick particularly on slippery ice. Risa was by Coral’s side the whole time insisting that she carry Coral’s handbag to make it easier for her. Risa made sure she covered the whole itinerary and to our wishes regards time.  She was kind and considerate the whole time and never complainted. Likewise, the driver was patient and considerate. He drove steadily and always made you feel safe. The car was comfortably warm and always very clean. He assisted Coral in and out of the car which was a great help. We were so thankful  and 100% to both Risa and the driver.

And now to Cathy. Yes we are thankful to you for having organised this tour for us so professionally and friendly. OK it is your work and we paid for it. But, thanks for personalising the itinerary, keeping us informed along the way, making payment so easy, giving us the invitation and ensuring that the tour ran smoothly including arranging another guide at short notice. We do not have any plans at this stage to re-visit China, but surely we would recommend to others Trip China Guide and you in particular. A job well done.

Kind regards for now and cheers, 

Coral and Wal L. (Australia) 

Customized Tour Itinerary: 7-day Beijing Coach Tour

Dear Cathy,

   Hope this e-mail finds you doing well.  I got back from China and unfortunately got very sick with bronchitis. I have been in the bed for almost 2 weeks!  Anyway, I had a great time with my tours and my wonderful guides. Leo was just GREAT!!!!   Anna was also EXCELLENT!!  Please pass my compliments onto both of them!!!  I will definitely recommend your tour company to all of my clients!   Both Leo and Anna were just super!  They were kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and made the tour very nice!  Please tell them this for me!!!   I will be sending all of my clients on their own to China and I will make sure that they contact you!  Thank you very much and I enjoyed my visit to China!  Take care!!!  

Miss Mary A. Richardson 

Customized Tour Itinerary: 2-day Beijing Coach Tour

Dear Cathy,

I would like to thank you for making my holiday so perfect and hassle free.

The pleasure it gave me to see my name, as a walked out of the terminal after a long flight.  The smiling face of the tour guide and driver was so welcoming.  The hotels were clean.  The private tours were great because I was able to look at things at my pace.  

I saw and did a lot in a very short time.  

It was perfect.

I would like to recommend that every-one puts Harbin in winter on there bucket list.

I am grateful that the tour guide and in some case the driver shared had lunch with me.  As a single women I feel very uncomfortable eating alone, so there company was greatly appreciated. 

I am spreading the word about your service, I was that impressed.


Huguette De Rycke (Australia) 

Customized Tour Itinerary: 11-day Shanghai Xian Luoyang Beijing Harbin Tour

I would love to.

I booked my 3 day tour of Harbin Ice Festival online and had plenty of interactions with Cathy at the main office. It was easy to book and pay for online.

On my arrival my driver was late secondary to traffic on the roads from an accident. However if was the only inconvenience during my tour.

My guide Edmund picked me up later in the evening and gave me a tour of Harbin, he was quite knowledgeable about the area and was able to answer all my questions.

He provided both the transportation as well as my tour guide.

I had an extremely good time and would not hesitate to recommend Ice Festival Harbin for any future tours of China.

Alan Marvin (USA)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Dear Cathy,

Have returned safely and enjoyed the short time I was there.

Very happy with the guide and his service. He really went beyond the usual and was able to take pictures for us and be able to answer a wide variety of questions. Would give it an A+.

I don't have Edwards email so could you please pass it to me so I can thank him personally.

Kind Regards,

Faiz (Malaysia)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Hi Cathy, 

It doesn't matter that we missed fireworks. We went there the first night and saw all the beautiful sculptures. Kids had ice slides and we rode in horse drawn carriages and had a really good time. It has been good having bus and driver the whole time and I recommend to other people with children to do this as the children get very cold and it is good to get back on the warm bus.  As I said the driver is good and drives very safely so I could recommend you use him again. Summer is also good. She can communicate fine with us just the usual things that anyone with English as a second language would have problems with. She is young and energetic and specially good with the children who love her so I would strongly recommend her for tourists travelling with young children. Today is our last day and the children wanted to go and play at the big frozen lake so they have all gone for a couple of hours while I stay at the hotel and do some packing. Then they will pick me up and we will have lunch and do some shopping at underground shopping centre where it is warm. Summer will stay with us and help with bargaining which the kids find fun. Then early tomorrow off to Shanghai. We r very happy with all you have organised and very happy to recommend you and your agency to anyone travelling to China. Once again thank you

Carol Little and family

Sent from Carol's iPad (Australia)

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice and Snow World Tour

Hi Cathy

Just returned home yesterday.

Our short Harbin visit was very well organised.

Our guide was at all times helpful, our driver was safe and we enjoyed the activites organised for us.

However, the room for our first two nights in Harbin was terrible. The drain in the bathroom stank really bad as if it was directly connected to the sewer. We had to cover the drain with folded towel and keep the door closed at all times, it really was very very bad.

Our room at the same hotel for our last night did not have this same problem.

Meals selected by our guide were all delicious.

We overall enjoyed this tour and thank you for organising it for us.

Diane & John Sherring

Customized Tour Itinerary: 5-day Unforgettable Harbin and China's Snow Town Tour

Dear Cathy,

I am back in Malaysia.

Except for the cold weather I had a wonderful time in Beijing. 

A big Thank You to you and your team.

I will definitely recommend you to my friends who intend to visit Beijing.

Best of luck to you.


Arfah (Malaysia)

Customized Tour Itinerary: 5-day Beijing Group Tour

Thanks Cathy, I made it back home last night. Here's a couple of photos with my iPhone. I'll send some more when I get my camera pictures developed. Anyways I had a great

time with Sherry and Mr. Tim our driver. We had a lot of fun. As far as suggestions, it's important that the driver doesn't smoke in the vehicle with guests (even with the

window rolled down) , and always wear a seatbelt. That's all I have for now. Take care and thanks again.


Brett  (USA)

Customized Tour Itinerary: 9-day Harbin, Xuexiang, Yabuli Winter Tour

Thanks, Cathy. Really appreciated my time in Harbin. I wrote about you and your service in my travel blog that will be published at Fest300.com in the next week (there will be 4 blog posts over 4 days regarding Harbin). Regarding my experience with your team on the ground in Harbin, they were very responsive and responsible. They felt the need to take their meals apart from me which wasn't necessary but, otherwise, I appreciated their company. She could have been a little more knowledgeable about Harbin and Chinese history but I enjoyed our time together.

Wishing you all the best,

Chip  (USA)

Blog: http://fest300.com/blog/five-essential-travel-tips-for-the-worlds-most-artistic-ice-festival

Itinerary:   3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Hello Cathy,

I am also happy to hear from you!

Patti and I sincerely enjoyed our experience in Harbin. We are fine with sharing some comments about your service.

Sherry did an excellent job as our guide, with great sensitivity to our interests and needs.  She shared her knowledge of the history and local perspectives of different venues.  The entire four day tour went very smoothly in regards to achieving each day's itinerary in a timely manner, and with a sensitivity to confirm the plan and our expectations.  Sherry was sensitive to inquire about our comfort and preferences for meals.  She also shared some recommendations for how to spend our free time as appropriate. David, our driver, was very polite and considerate.  He exhibited excellent skill and safe driving habits.  We could easily coordinate the connection between dropping off and picking up at each venue, without any confusion.

I will definitely consider Guilin China Travel Service for our future excursions.  We really appreciated the friendly competency demonstrated throughout our visit to Harbin.

I have attached several photos from our visit.  I "compressed" these files to reduce the size for email transfer. If needed, I will attempt to send the original file if that is more convenient for your purpose, just tell me the specific file name.

I am fine with the use of my comments or photos for advertisement purposes.

 Thank you and Best Regards,


Kevin Van Buskirk  (USA)

 Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice and Snow World Tour

Dear Cathy,

Just a note to let you know that everything has gone extremely well and we have really enjoyed our tour. Thank you for all your help.

Best wishes,

Peter Peterson and Carol Whiteside (Austria)

Customized Tour Itinerary: 9-Day Harbin-Beijing-Xi’an Tour 

Hi Nancy,

The trip was wonderful. Everything was arranged perfectly, so I could enjoy my stay in Harbin. The guide, Lucy, was very kind and helpful to me. She taught me many things about Chinese culture, took me to local restaurants, and even took me to a local store to buy appropriate clothing for the cold weather (I needed more layers). She also helped me at the airport when I needed a translator for checking in my luggage. I was very grateful for all of her service and also to the driver for taking us everywhere - he was excellent, taking me anywhere I wanted to go.

Attached to this email are a couple pictures you can use for your website if you like. Thank you for arranging everything. I had a fantastic trip!


Meredith  (USA) 

Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Winter Tour

Hi Cathy:

Thanks for the travel arrangement. Everything was fine. Both tour guide works well. We have a good time. Thank you very much.

 Best Regards,

 Andrew Lai  (Hong Kong & Vietnam)

 Itinerary: 7-Day Shanhgai and Harbin Winter Tour

Hi Nancy

We really enjoyed it and it was well organized and we were happy with both the guide and the driver.

Many thanks for organizing such a good trip


Stuart    (Hong Kong & British)

 Itinerary:  3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Hi Nancy,

I apologise for the late response. I have been quite busy since I got back from China.

Edward, the tour guide, is excellent. He has a lot knowledge of the local area and attraction. His has a great personality, easy going and extremely approachable. He didn't mind going the extra mile to get things done. I highly recommend him to anyone.

The driver is extremely good. He always has the car ready and stop the car to the nearest/closest place next to the entry of the attractions. Although our Chinese language is quite limited, he was extremely helpful in trying to explain when we asked. I am extremely happy with him.

Overall, the trip to Harbin was great. Edward and the driver shuffle the itinerary a little so it suited the route and the timing from one attraction to the next.



 Alex Yala (Indonesia)

 Itinerary:  3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the below e-mail. We really had a great time in Harbin. The place is amazing and the weather was really cold. We were very appreciative of our tour guide Selena, who performed her job effectively. She was so nice and we enjoyed her company. Harbin is a place we are looking forward to visit again, maybe after 2 years and this time with our kids. I would be very happy to share you some of our photos in your website. I would be recommending you to my friends who loves to travel also.

Thanks also for your kindness, help and assistance. Definitely, will have another tour in China and i will be contacting you again.

Please keep in touch!

Best regards!


Ellen (Philippines)

Itinerary:  3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour


Good morning - thanks for organising a brilliant trip for us in Harbin. We had an awesome time- what a lovely city it is!  Our guide- Amy- was wonderful and so much fun. She really took care of us and was patient and explained things so nicely. She is a brilliant asset to your firm and you are lucky to work with her. She is a very nice person indeed and our driver- Mr Siun was great also.

We will send some pictures to you in the coming week and share the enjoyment. Please pass on our thanks to everyone in the team for doing such a great job.

Best wishes !

Arpita and Roshan (+22 degrees in HK today!)


Arpita Khanna-Mall    (British)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour


The trip was great. We even shared the information and recommended other family. I believe they arranged their trip last weekend.

I may have future trips in China and will be very interested to hear options from you when the time comes

My next places

• Guilin 

• Yunnan Province


Daniel (expat in China)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Hi Cathy,

The trip was very very well organised. I really wanted to thank you. Susan was EXCELLENT.

We will be sharing pictures over the coming days – I will try to get you something decent quality. We have hundreds. We can also do some comments. Please chase me up at the end of the week if you haven’t heard.

Meantime – we have group agreement that we want to keep doing this kind of weekend trip which is good news for you!

Could you please give me estimate cost and abbreviated itinerary excluding airfares per person of:

a) Guilin: seeing Dragons back, river trip and anything else interesting.

b) Kunming

c) Chengdu

d) Donghuang

e) Tibet – is this possible?

f) Any other strong recommendations?

Also – our preference is to do like Harbin 2.5 days. But maybe Tibet may need another day or two?

We have six months left at least so we might be able to do about six trips...various numbers of people. We will try to put it in the calendar and then find people.

Also – do you do any tours to Russia at all?  What would you charge for a Vladivostok tour if possible?



(A group of 14 people from JHK Company)

Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Thanks Nancy for your email. We had a great time and thank both you and Yvonne for being so polite and helpful. Your constant checks on us also helped us catch the flight!!

Regarding the additional amount of 280RMB, great if you can refund it to my account. Shirley was very taken up with Harbin and might return in the Summer but am not sure if I can make it.

Btw do you handle trips to Guilin and Shanxi? Or Yellow mountain? If so let me know and also what would be the best time to travel there.

Hopefully we get to do business again together.


... Harris on the move ... 

(2 friends from India & Hong Kong)

Customized Tour Itinerary: 2-day Harbin Winter Tour

Dear Nancy,

We are back in Beijing and very happy with our Harbin trip. The day with Mr Fang was very nice and perfectly organised, he was very gentle, thank you very much! As he also speaks some words of English and we some words of Chinese, we were able to communicate with him without any problem!

By the way, do you have also a branch in Guilin? I just saw the agency name, and as we are planning to visit Guilin and other spots in China I wonder if we could get in touch with you also in future for other occasions.

Thank you again for the perfect organization.Best regards,


Customized Tour Itinerary: one day Harbin City Tour 

Dear Cathy

We had a really great time.  Thanks so much for doing all the arrangements.  We would have no hesitation in  recommending your services to other customers. 

Thanks once again

Geoff (British & Hong Hong)

Customized Tour Itinerary: 7-day Kunming-Dali-Lijiang Tour 

Dear Katherine,

I was very much satisfied with the tour. The guide was very kind to us, followed all our ideas, and helped in everything in a very good way.

The driver was ok too.

I also was glad with all your attention to me.

I have nothing to complain about the tour.

I will send you some photos later, since now I am not at home and the camera is not with me.

I wish you a Happy 2011.

Guilherme Silveira (Farinha) (Brazil )

China Futsal Team Head Coach

Tour Itinerary: 2-day Tailor-made tour to Xiling Snow Mountain

Hi Cathy,

The trip was very well organised and both me and my friends felt very well looked after.

All appointments were kept with regards to pick ups, hotel arrangements etc.

The guide in Huangshan was very pleasant and helpful.

I can thus not put my finger on anything that cold be improved.

Thanks for your carefulness.

Jorgen (Denmark )

Tour Itinerary: 4-day Yellow Mountain Winter Tour

Dear Wangda,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been busy catching up with my works after one week away.

Shenxianchi is a very pleasant location with a very special and gorgeous geo-formation that one could only be found in China and Turkey plus one other country. It might be similar to HuangLong. Unfortunately we did not climb up to the top due to bad weather and limited time availability (a negative impact due to flight delay).

We found the one-hour mountainous ride very pleasant, especially with the snow on the mountain tops. But we overheard some passengers complained about the long journey.

I would like to thank you for your good caring acts by touching base with us at all key locations.

Also, your efficient and effective handling of our tour arrangement.

Best regards, Sent from Swee's iPhone.


Tour Itinerary: 8-Winter Wonderland of Sichuan

Hi Wangda,

It was a very nice trip and not so cold as we expected!!

The whole group had a lot of fun - especially the kids !!

Steve did a great job. We got half of the room keys in the bus before we reached the hotel, the rest when we arrived in the lobby. People were very happy about this. They could change clothes and then enjoy the trip.


Finally it was a very very nice trip. Every member and the kids enjoyed it so much. So thanks again Steve - you did such a good job - and everybody liked your jokes!! We had a really great time together.

Yes we will send you a few pictueres soon :-))

- and if you go on our webpage in a few days you will find all the pictures on our photoalbum - to enjoy.... :-))

Have a nice day



Marion (5 expat families in China)

Tour Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

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