Yellow Mountain

Welcome to the Yellow Mountain (Mount Huangshan), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the best place in winter to view the snowscape in South China. The mountain is located in southern Anhui Province. Its landscape features "five wonders" of imposing peaks, spectacular rocks, odd-shaped pines, sea of clouds, and winter snow. It is consistently a winter paradise for the photographers and shutterbugs. 

In winter, the Yellow Mountain is as beautiful as a snow-covered fairyland. Numerous ravines and peaks are covered with ice or snow. The glittering and translucent spectacle in the sunshine resembles ice sculptures and brings you refreshing enjoyment. The spectacle of rimed trees sparkling in the sun is the privilege of winter alone for it is then that you may find yourself in a silver world with the icy peaks, clusters of frosty corals suffused with a plentiful supply of the freshest of oxygen rich fresh air. Besides, as it is a low season, you can enjoy it more relaxing with lower cost. 

The Yellow Mountain is not quiet cold in winter, at least, not as cold as some people expected. The avarage temperature is -3 ℃ to - 4 ℃ in winter, but it's enough to result in fantastic winter scenery and a silver world with pines and precipitous peaks covered with snow and decorated with icicles. The magnificent mountain blanketed with snow in winter will enable you the unique experience of visiting a different Yellow Mountain.

Things to see & do

Sea of Clouds, Sunrise & SunsetSnowscape, Rime, Hot SpringsGrotesque Rocks, Peaks and Pines 
Tunxi Ancient StreetHongcun & Xidi villagesHiking & Shopping 

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Getting there

Huangshan is accessible by domestic flights from Shanghai, Beijing,  Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei, Chengdu and Chongqing as well as international flights from Seoul. Some cities also have daily trains directly run to Huangshan, such as  Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Hefei, Jingdezhen, Nanchang, Fuzhou and Xiamen . There are also luxury buses everyday to Huangshan in the main cities in south China, including Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Wuhan, Jingdezhen, Suzhou, Wenzhou, and Hefei.

Yellow Mountain Map