Kevin 's Feedback on 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Customer: Kevin ( USA )      Tour Dates: 2013-02-04

Tour Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Hello Cathy,

I am also happy to hear from you!

Patti and I sincerely enjoyed our experience in Harbin. We are fine with sharing some comments about your service.

Sherry did an excellent job as our guide, with great sensitivity to our interests and needs.  She shared her knowledge of the history and local perspectives of different venues.  The entire four day tour went very smoothly in regards to achieving each day's itinerary in a timely manner, and with a sensitivity to confirm the plan and our expectations.  Sherry was sensitive to inquire about our comfort and preferences for meals.  She also shared some recommendations for how to spend our free time as appropriate. David, our driver, was very polite and considerate.  He exhibited excellent skill and safe driving habits.  We could easily coordinate the connection between dropping off and picking up at each venue, without any confusion.

I will definitely consider Ice Festival Harbin for our future excursions.  We really appreciated the friendly competency demonstrated throughout our visit to Harbin.

I have attached several photos from our visit.  I "compressed" these files to reduce the size for email transfer. If needed, I will attempt to send the original file if that is more convenient for your purpose, just tell me the specific file name.

I am fine with the use of my comments or photos for advertisement purposes.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Kevin Van Buskirk