Carol 's Feedback

Customer: Carol ( Australia )      Tour Dates: 2013-01-06

Tour Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice and Snow World Tour

Hi Cathy, 

It doesn't matter that we missed fireworks. We went there the first night and saw all the beautiful sculptures. Kids had ice slides and we rode in horse drawn carriages and had a really good time. It has been good having bus and driver the whole time and I recommend to other people with children to do this as the children get very cold and it is good to get back on the warm bus.  As I said the driver is good and drives very safely so I could recommend you use him again. Summer is also good. She can communicate fine with us just the usual things that anyone with English as a second language would have problems with. She is young and energetic and specially good with the children who love her so I would strongly recommend her for tourists travelling with young children. Today is our last day and the children wanted to go and play at the big frozen lake so they have all gone for a couple of hours while I stay at the hotel and do some packing. Then they will pick me up and we will have lunch and do some shopping at underground shopping centre where it is warm. Summer will stay with us and help with bargaining which the kids find fun. Then early tomorrow off to Shanghai. We r very happy with all you have organised and very happy to recommend you and your agency to anyone travelling to China. Once again thank you

Carol Little and family

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