Huguette's Feedback

Customer: Huguette ( Australia )      Tour Dates: 2013-12-28

Tour Itinerary: Customized Tour: 11-day Shanghai Xian Luoyang Beijing Harbin Tour

Dear Cathy,

I would like to thank you for making my holiday so perfect and hassle free.

The pleasure it gave me to see my name, as a walked out of the terminal after a long flight.  The smiling face of the tour guide and driver was so welcoming.  The hotels were clean.  The private tours were great because I was able to look at things at my pace.  

I saw and did a lot in a very short time.  

It was perfect.

I would like to recommend that every-one puts Harbin in winter on there bucket list.

I am grateful that the tour guide and in some case the driver shared had lunch with me.  As a single women I feel very uncomfortable eating alone, so there company was greatly appreciated. 

I am spreading the word about your service, I was that impressed.


Huguette De Rycke