Coral 's Feedback

Customer: Coral ( Australia )      Tour Dates: 2014-01-18

Tour Itinerary: Customized Tour: 7-day Beijing Coach Tour

Hi Cathy,

Sorry that I have not replied to you promptly. After leaving Harbin we went to Sapporo (Japan) for 4 days to have a look at their ice and snow festival – we were also delayed a day in Tokyo because of the snow blizzard – so really only arrived home on Monday and have been very busy catching up on several issues. We had a wonderful time in Harbin. It is hard to find words that describe all the ice and snow features. Are we pleased we went? Yes, for sure.

We give high praise to Risa (guide). Not only was she a good guide, but also a nice person. From the time we met until she assisted with check- in at departure we cannot fault her. Risa was just so patient with us being older people who could not always hurry. As well as all the normal guide duties you expect she assisted us in personal matters such as finding ATM’s, Pharmacy, toilets, etc. She presented information in a very pleasant manner and was able to discuss many issues of interest to us re Chinese customs. Of course, it was Chinese New Year and that made it all the more interesting. I think I had mentioned to you early in our planning that Coral had had both hips replaced and a knee only 3 months ago and needed to use a walking stick particularly on slippery ice. Risa was by Coral’s side the whole time insisting that she carry Coral’s handbag to make it easier for her. Risa made sure she covered the whole itinerary and to our wishes regards time.  She was kind and considerate the whole time and never complainted. Likewise, the driver was patient and considerate. He drove steadily and always made you feel safe. The car was comfortably warm and always very clean. He assisted Coral in and out of the car which was a great help. We were so thankful  and 100% to both Risa and the driver.

And now to Cathy. Yes we are thankful to you for having organised this tour for us so professionally and friendly. OK it is your work and we paid for it. But, thanks for personalising the itinerary, keeping us informed along the way, making payment so easy, giving us the invitation and ensuring that the tour ran smoothly including arranging another guide at short notice. We do not have any plans at this stage to re-visit China, but surely we would recommend to others Trip China Guide and you in particular. A job well done.

Kind regards for now and cheers, 

Coral and Wal L.