Kathy's Feedback

Customer: Kathy ( New Zealand )      Tour Dates: 2015-01-07

Tour Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Hi Cathy,

Our Guide and Driver were very attentive, on time and friendly. We saw everything we wanted and were very pleased with the hotel location and facilities and would recommend these and your services to our friends.

Just for your information, from our point of view, we were disappointed with the Siberian Tiger Park and believed it to be a rather crowded, old-fashioned animal zoo and not a rehabilitation facility as expected. There were also animals there that originated from hot countries such as Africa, which would have found the cold weather very uncomfortable as their fur would not have been enough to protect them. They were also held in cages we considered far too small. We would not recommend this attraction to our friends.

The Harbin people we met during our stay were friendly and honest towards us, which made our stay even more enjoyable.

Thank you,


Kathy Dwyer and Nick Hickling