Leslie's Feedback

Customer: Leslie ( expat in China )      Tour Dates: 2015-01-09

Tour Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Family Winter Holidays


Thank you for helping us plan our trip.  We enjoyed ourselves even with the freezing cold weather.  As to comments about the tour, guide, etc. please see below:

1.  We really enjoyed Yvonne.  She was very energetic and helpful and had great things to say about Harbin and its’ history.  She spoke excellent English and was very knowledgable about places to eat and walk on our own.  She tried to keep to the schedule but also allow us time to wander when we wanted.  

2.  We were a little delayed on Friday and felt a little crunched for time because of our flight delays by 2 hours.  We didn’t get to see walking street but did get a chance to go to the church and Yvonne got us inside even after it closed.  We also had a chance to see the park in the Harbin downtown area.  She took us to warm up when we all started getting cold and was helpful in translating when necessary.

3.  Saturday was very busy and we were exhausted by the time we were finished.  Yvonne prepared us on Friday evening about the weather being colder and to properly dress.  Without this warning I think all of us would have been even colder almost to the point of misery.  Because of the warning I think we were more prepared which allowed us to enjoy the day more.  We enjoyed all the sites.

4.  The bus driver was very nice and helpful and available when we needed him.  Our one complaint is that the bus smelled like cigarette smoke. Some of us are allergic to cigarette smoke and it made us feel a little sick while on the bus but we were able to tolerate it.  One suggestion is to make sure the buses don’t smell like smoke.  

5.  While I know we got our own hotel rooms I wanted to let you know that the hotel itself was nice and clean and the breakfast was varied enough for all and the staff was somewhat helpful.  The biggest complaint we have is that we asked for a non-smoking room which we were provided; however, guests were allowed to smoke near the elevators on the non-smoking floor and this smoke made the rooms smell like smoke.  I have contacted the hotel about this but in the future it might be beneficial to let guests know that while the room is non-smoking the floor is not.  

Thanks again for everything.  We really enjoyed our time in Harbin and loved seeing the beautiful ice and snow sculptures.

Leslie Taylor