Barbara 's Feedback

Customer: Barbara ( Australia )      Tour Dates: 2015-01-25

Tour Itinerary: 10-day Beijing Harbin Shanghai Winter Tour

Dear Cathy,

Yes, we got back to Melbourne as scheduled and we were welcomed by temperatures of about +30 C. Sorry for the delayed response, but both Andrew and I came back with a severe flu, and we are in the process of recovery. We assume the extreme temperature differences had something to do with it.

The trip was fantastic and went as planned, without any problems. Cathy, we can't thank you enough for organizing everything for us in every detail. We had no trouble at the airports, and all flights were on time. There was no problem with meeting up with Lily, our tour guide in Beijing, and also the driver was most courteous throughout our time there. We would like to particularly point out that Lily did an outstanding job of showing us the sights on our itinerary. She is very knowledgeable, and we learnt a lot about Chinese history. On one of the evenings we wanted to go out and see the 'Kung Fu' Show, so she took care of making the bookings, and more than that, Lily and the driver offered to take us there and bring us back to the hotel afterwards. She really went out of her way to oblige, and be helpful to us. Lily took us to a very nice restaurant for lunch, where we had a beautiful Chinese meal.

Arriving in Harbin, it got a lot colder of course, and we were met as planned by Jason. Once in the car, he and our friendly driver took us to Yabuli. The hotel was warm and reasonably comfortable, but unfortunately due to Jason's limited English, we had a bit of a language problem which caused a few misunderstandings in regard to what we wanted to do and our food choices. He is a nice young man, though, and tried to be helpful and Yabuli's skiing was of an excellent standard. Harbin as a city, and the attractions relating to the Ice Festival are fantastic. We were well prepared with warm clothes for the cold temperatures, as all these sights are outdoor activities, and at times we felt sorry for Jason, as he was feeling the cold much more than we did.

Once we got to Shanghai we were met by Monica (and a milder climate!) The Holiday Inn you booked for us, was very comfortable, and like the other hotels, in a very central position. Monica was most attentive and pleasant, and gave us a very informative tour of the city and an insight into the Shanghai life-style. I think she was disappointed that we didn't make any purchases at the silk-factory, but we had visited Shanghai 2 years ago and had made our purchases then. For lunch Monica took us to a very nice place, where we experienced more beautiful Chinese food cooked at the table in front of us. The boat trip along the river was a new experience for us, as was the ride up the Pearl-Tower. The day was overcast and dull, but the views from the tower became more fantastic and photogenic as night time came, and the lights of this vast city started to sparkle. We were lucky that Monica (and our driver) didn't mind too much us staying on Pearl Tower until dark. We have some great photos as a result of that. May we suggest that a visit to Pearl Tower includes some time spent after dark in the itinerary for Shanghai.

So as you can see Cathy, everything went well; everyone involved was 100% reliable and dependable and helpful, and with visitors to China coming from a non-chinese speaking country like us, it was a comfort for us to be escorted by reliable and helpful guides.

We hope this information is helpful to you, and once again we thank you for all the work you have done to make this a very memorable holiday indeed.

We hope to stay in touch with you, as it has been a pleasure dealing with you, and some time in the future we would like to return to China to see more of this beautiful country and meet more of the beautiful people in it. 

With all best wishes and a Very Happy New Year,

Barbara and Andrew