Mark's Feedback

Customer: Mark ( Hong Kong, China )      Tour Dates: 2015-02-04

Tour Itinerary: 1-day Harbin Private Tour

For Alice

We have made a number of trips to China before and really enjoyed Harbin.  We thought that the city was very clean, people very friendly and getting around was relatively easy

The Tour guide, Hank, was first rate.  He confirmed our pick up time, met us promptly, explained what we were going to do for the day and the asked for any feedback.  We were able to eat in a great local dumpling restaurant – much better than the food in other “tourist” hotels that we have visited in China.

The timing of the tour was just right – taking into account the cold.  Being able to split the events into four allowed us to see the various facets of Harbin in a timely fashion.

I can highly recommend the ice sculpture and ice festival – we thought some of the best attractions that we have visited in our five years in China