Carolyn's Feedback

Customer: Carolyn ( Australia )      Tour Dates: 2016-02-08

Tour Itinerary: Tailor-made 13-day Beijing Harbin Xian Chengdu Shanghai Winter

Hello Tango

I seem to have bought home the china flu, so it has taken while for me let you know about our trip.

We would like to thank you so much for organising our holiday itinerary, we felt safe with our drivers and guides, learnt never cross the road without looking for motorbikes.

Was great to see the Great Wall the terracotta warriors and the panda bears.

I think harbin won me over with all its buildings and colour,sadly we did not get to see major ice buildings was deemed dangerous we flew out next day, but we did get see some of the streets ice works and snow, and at the park ice sculpture's  in hindsight i wished we had gone January but my sister couldn't get away  at the time

with the guides we had were all very well spoken and  very proud of their city their knowledge and history was remarkable

I would recommend china to visit, they keep the streets clean and the food is great  often people would ask for picture and pose with us, the children were lovely  and little shy

I will tell people if they want to go china to contact your company

thank you so much

cheers carolyn and fiona