Rhona's Feedback

Customer: Rhona ( Australia )      Tour Dates: 2017-12-30

Tour Itinerary: 4-day Harbin Ice Festival Highlights Tour

Hi Tango,

Thanks for helping with this mishap with the bank, do you need bank information or can it just be returned with information you already have on file.

We did want to thank you personally for helping organise our trip. It was unbelievable, exceeded our expectations and we had the most fun. Billy and the driver were always finding more things for us to see, experience and enjoy.  They took us to the new opera house which neither of them had seen before, the Baroque Chinese section of Harbin which was fantastic.  

We were able to add a few items to our trip as the Museum was only partly open due to renovations in the historical section, only the palaeontology section was open. 

The science museum on Sun Island could have been visited if we had known about it , we passed it on the way to the Snow sculpture park , you might wish to add it to your list of places people might like to visit. 

Thank you again Tango for your help in making this trip so fantastic.