Noel's Feedback

Customer: Noel ( Australia )      Tour Dates: 2018-01-07

Tour Itinerary: 5-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Hi Tango,

We filled out the feedback form but there was no space left for more feedback.

So I am writing more feedback via email here.

Overall the tour was very good. The guide Debby worked very hard and was very professional. The driver Mr. Liang was a very good driver and navigated tricky road conditions very well. We were very happy with both of them.

There was only 1 thing that we were not happy about. The drive to Snow Town could have been handled much better by icefestivalharbin. Because we are overseas travellers we have big luggage and heavy bags. It was very difficult to take all of our luggage to the hotel in Snow Town. We had to drag the heavy bags through now over a long distance. The tour should have arranged and told us to pack a small bag each for the one night at Snow Town, and made arrangements so that we could leave our heavy luggage at the hotel in Harbin. Since we were coming back to the same hotel the day after, there was no need to take everything with us to Snow Town.

If hotels in China do not allow customers to leave their luggage overnight with reception, then we would have booked just one room to store luggage for the one night.

Unfortunately we only saw how difficult it was to take all our bags from our tour van to the hotel room when we arrived at Snow Town. In fact we were not told about the way Snow Town is structured where tour vans must park quite far away, and cannot drive up to the hotel.

I think it is better for icefestivalharbin to inform their customers BEFORE the drive to Snow Town about the necessity to take only a small bag for one night in Snow Town, and leave all other luggage behind at the hotel in Harbin city.

Apart from this issue, we have a very good time during the tour.