Redentor's Feedback

Customer: Redentor ( Philippines )      Tour Dates: 2018-01-16

Tour Itinerary: Tailor-made 6-day Harbin Winter Adventure Tour

Hi Cathy,

We are back here in Manila, safely. We thank you for the opportunity to experience Harbin - definitely bucket-list worthy!

Our driver, though cannot speak english is one who is genuinely protective (caring). Mr. Zhang (i think), often would be around us when necessary to veer us away from rowdy crowds or any danger like uneven cobblestones or steps. He even thought to share a few of his articles of winter clothing when he sees us shivering from the crazy cold weather. He drives attentively and safe that we are able to take naps every now and then when on road. We love that he always smile often. 

Julian, is a very able guide - a stick for the blind, so to speak. Literally, we do not have any idea what we will experience in Harbin but Julian provided us with the necessary information, that sense of feeling secured, and also, friendship. We are comfortable with Julian with any topic. He responds with honesty and sincerity. He never forces anything we do not feel like doing. I observed also that Julian has good command of time. We were never late nor early to an event. He manages time very well. I truly deserves the highest recommendation possible, 10 of 10. In fact, if ever we get to have a chance to return back to Harbin or any northern city in China, please hook us up again with Julian. We will miss him dearly. 

As for Cathy our tour coordinator, our sincerest respect. Cathy is able to organize and coordinate everything as if she was just sitting beside me, hahaha. She's amazing! Shes one who does not need to be reminded of, but takes initiative in her task to make it easy for us. It lightens the worries I had to brave with when drafting the suggested itinerary. We love that she communicates clearly all the details and the big picture. We will definitely book with her again give n chance. 

Cathy, saw a link on your email on tripadvisor. I will post a review later after attending office duties. Please allow me a bit of time on this.  

Okay, this is it for now... Am off to a meeting. 

Later, Cat. 

Kindest Regards,