Suziyanti 's Feedback

Customer: Suziyanti ( Bruneian )      Tour Dates: 2018-12-09

Tour Itinerary: 2-day China's Snow Town Tour

Hi Cathy, 

Please apologize for a very very late respond. Here I'd like to thank you so much for such a perfect tour arrangement last December. We were very satisfied with the time management, and what were included in the package was also worth it for such a long journey, with a comfortable transport, overnight arrangement in the Snow village, English speaking tour guide with good information and everything. Our tour guide also met our needs, and gave us a very satisfying care and concern, helping us when we find troubles in communicating with locals. Really helped a lot. Some other time if by chance we will come again to China, we will definitely turn to you again. 

Thank you so much Cathy :)

Suziyanti Haji Mohd Saidi