Seb 's Feedback on 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Customer: Seb ( A group of 14 people from JHK Company )      Tour Dates: 2019-06-04

Tour Itinerary: 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Hi Cathy,

The trip was very very well organised. I really wanted to thank you. Susan was EXCELLENT.

We will be sharing pictures over the coming days – I will try to get you something decent quality. We have hundreds. We can also do some comments. Please chase me up at the end of the week if you haven’t heard.

Meantime – we have group agreement that we want to keep doing this kind of weekend trip which is good news for you!

Could you please give me estimate cost and abbreviated itinerary excluding airfares per person of:

a) Guilin: seeing Dragons back, river trip and anything else interesting.

b) Kunming

c) Chengdu

d) Donghuang

e) Tibet – is this possible?

f) Any other strong recommendations?

Also – our preference is to do like Harbin 2.5 days. But maybe Tibet may need another day or two?

We have six months left at least so we might be able to do about six trips...various numbers of people. We will try to put it in the calendar and then find people.

Also – do you do any tours to Russia at all?  What would you charge for a Vladivostok tour if possible?