Lianne's Feedback

Customer: Lianne ( USA )      Tour Dates: 2019-02-13

Tour Itinerary: 7-day Harbin and Chengdu Winter Tour

Dear Cathy,

We had a WONDERFUL time visiting the Ice Festival Harbin.  What a wonderful city you live in.  The Sun Island and Ice Festival were both amazing.  But the pandas were even cuter.

Cathy – Your attention to detail and responsiveness to our many emails was awesome.  I felt so confident that everything was well taken care of when we arrived.  I appreciated your attention to details with finances and also the itinerary arrangements.  Thanks also for answering the many questions I asked.

Celina/Harbin – Celina’s English was great and her knowledge of the sites in Harbin was very comprehensive.  She was always very punctual which we really appreciated.  When we expressed a desire for example loving to eat, she made special effort to find restaurants that exposed us to local specialties and helped to place our orders.  When we wanted to find “gators” she took us to a good local market which had exactly what we needed at GREAT prices.  She was attentive to making sure that we  spend  enough time at the activities we were interested in.  The driver was also right there when we needed a pick up.  

Just a note: two activities that we didn’t enjoy as much was the museum and the Russian town.

Daisy/Chengdu – Daisy’s English was VERY good and her passion for the city of Chendgu was very evident.  It was fun to hear  her perspective on local culture and events.  She was always very punctual which we really appreciated.  When we wanted to change the itinerary to not go to the Leshi Buddha, she was very good about explaining what was at the Buddha and what our options were then was very flexible with providing other options. I LOVED the second opportunity to go to the Chengdu breeding center even AFTER having spent a day volunteering.  Whooo Hoooo.  I felt like she was willing to do whatever WE wanted to make this the trip that we would be pleased with.  The driver was also very pleasant and always there where we needed him.

Daisy was amazing and I strongly encourage using her as a guide again in the future.

Thanks Cathy

I hope we can work with you again.