Siberian Tiger Park

Perhaps, the most thrilling thing on your Harbin winter tour is the adventure in the Siberian Tiger Park. You will find that this trip would be an epical experience in your lifetime.

Siberian Tiger Park

Siberian Tiger Park is located on the northern side of the Songhua River and neighbors the Sun Island. Covering an area of 1,200,000 square meters, the park is considered the one and only place in the world to admire the purebred and scarce Siberian tiger (aka Manchurian tiger), one of the world's top 10 endangered animals.

The park consists of five sections: Adult Tiger Garden, Adult Tiger Breeding Garden, Tiger Cub Garden, Lion Garden and the Walking Area. Currently, the park has more than 600 tigers, which are trained to get used to the natural environment.

Siberian Tiger Park harbin china

In the park, tourists can feed the tigers with meat even take photos with them. In addition, some protected tour cars or jeeps also cage tourists to linger through the fierce animals to appreciate the adventurous and exciting scene: the tiger may jump up the tops of the cars/jeeps; sometimes the worker throw some meat out of the windows and the tiger catch them. 

Entrance Ticket

CNY 100

Opening Hours



88 Songbei Jie, roughly 15km north of Harbin city

Questions & Answers about Siberian Tiger Park

Asked by Fred Bronson from usa 2015-01-24

Is the sun island tiger park open to tourists in mid winter Feb?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-01-27

It's open all year round.

Asked by Paz Ramos from Ecuador 2015-01-14

the free bus we take inside sun island that means we have to pay to get inside sun island

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-01-15

the bus to the sun island park is free but you must pay the entrance

Asked by Chan Kuan Eyong from Malaysia 2015-01-10

I have student card issued by the chinese university, can i get studentprice ?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-01-12

You must buy adult ticket because the park only sells adult ticket and children ticket.

Asked by Natalia from Poland 2015-01-07

How long does it take the trip around the Tiger Park?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-01-08

1-2 hours is okay.

Asked by Alexsandr Hulio from Panama 2014-12-11

how to get to the Tiger park on their own

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-12

hire a taxi or take public bus, No. 85, No. 88 or the free bus from sun island to the tiger park.

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