Harbin International Beer Festival

Harbin, the first Chinese city to brew beer, boasts a beer culture of more than 100 years, has the most profound beer culture in China. It also ranks among the cities with the highest average per capita beer consumption in the world. 

Harbin City first launched the annual international beer festival in 2002. Since then, the festival is annually celebrated in the venue of the Harbin Ice and Snow World in July. During the festival, many top beer manufacturers from Germany, the United States, Denmark, Russia, Japan, China and the rest of the world take part in the festival and hold many business talks, while many tourists from all over the world watch performance, take part in the beer carnival on the streets, buy or enjoy the free beer. 

Harbin International Beer Festival

During Harbin International Beer Festival, people of Harbin indulge in booze, fascinating and charming beauties from Harbin and Russia will become a dazzling landscape. Harbin, a real "beer city”, beer gave the city spirituality and pride, highlighting the city's charm and personality.

As the hometown of Chinese beer, Harbin International Beer Festival’s classical and modern, passion and romance has attracted the worldwide attention. The festival will continue with its unique charm, and write a new chapter in the beer tourism.

Harbin Beer Festival China

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