Nationalities in Harbin

Harbin is an area inhabited by most of the Chinese ethnic minorities, characterized by large distribution and small concentration. There are 47 ethnic minorities such as Manchu, Koreans, Hui, Mongolian, Xibe, Dahaner, Ewenke, Elunchun, Keerkezi, Hezhe, and etc. in the whole city.

Among the 47 ethnic minorities, the population of Manchu is the largest. Manchu is a diligent and brave nationality, living to the north of the Changbai Mountain, in the middle and down reaches of Heilongjiang River, and in the vast area of Wusuli River system. It plays an important role in the history of our country.

Having immigrated since the beginning of this century, Chaoxian ethnic group has overcome various adversities with unswerving spirit, contributing a lot to revolution and construction.

The main reasons and means for Hui Nationality to move into Harbin area are immigration, exile, trading and living. Since liberation, Hui people unify and cooperate with other nationalities to help each other and develop together, writing a new chapter of national unity.

The ancestors of Mongolian are nomadic race. Because of such reasons as working and studying, they began to move to live in Harbin, together with other nationalities, they have actively contributed to the unification and development of various nationalities in the city.

Xibe Nationality is a northern indigenous race, with it own language. In the early time, they depended on fishing and hunting to make a living. They have made their own brilliant achievements and excellent culture with diligent work and rich intelligence.

Nowadays, the various nationalities in Harbin have set up good racial relationship characterized by "equality, unification, mutual help, development", contributing a lot to the harmonious development of the economic society in Harbin.

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