Sanya is located at the southern end of Hainnan Province, it is a famous winter destination in China. Situated in the tropical zone, the average annual temperature in Sanya is 25.4℃ and the average annual rainfall is 1,279 millimeters. The city is renowned for its clean air and water. In 1999, it ranked second among 158 cities in 45 countries in terms of air quality. Brilliant sunshine, clean seawater, sandy beaches, dense rain forest, many species of animals, hot springs, mysterious caverns, serene farms and rich historical and ethnic cultures have made the city one  of the most charming places in China. Among the major scenic spots in Sanya is Yalong Bay, renowned for its clean seawater and white sand beaches. The bay has earned Sanya the name of “Oriental Hawaii.” The Nanshan Cultural Tour Area has been appraised by Hainan Province as a demonstration project in terms of ecological recovery and protection. It is also famous for its history of Buddhism and Taoism. The Tianya Haijiao Resort is the oldest resort in Sany and also a landmark resort in Hainan Province. The Luhuitou Park is the only one in Hainan open to the tourist at night. It is the best place to enjoy a full view of Sanya.

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Sanya has also been referred to as "China's advanced city in environmental protection," "China's garden-like city," "China's model city in ecology," and "national advanced city in sanitation."

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