The Yellow Mountain in Winter

There is no bad time to visit the Yellow Mountain. Different seasons offer distinctly different views. Winter is a particularly beautiful time to visit, when the mountains and trees are covered with snow and ice making the entire area appear like a crystal wonderland. The sunrises and sunsets on the Yellow Mountain are magical and visitors should try to get up early so as not to miss the sunrise.

The Yellow Mountain in winter has been called a "World of Silver Dreams". The ravines and peaks covered with snow and ice look spectacular and give the area a silvery shine. Since the Mountain is often enveloped in mist, the ancient pines and rocks become covered with a thick coating of clear ice making the entire area look like a world of crystal.

When the snow settles on the ancient pines, rocks, and pools, the real charm of the Yellow Mountain emerges. It is bitterly cold in Huangshan winter, and the temperature is ten centigrade degrees below zero. December and January are the best months to enjoy the charming Yellow Mountain winter tour. Visitors who like hiking should not miss the unforgettable chance. Moreover, it is the most economic time to travel to Huangshan in winter. You may appreciate the charmed Huangshan winter landscape by using the least money. Walking along with your prince or princess in the world of snow, without hustle and bustle, is extremely a nice experience.

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