Harbin Festivals

January - March

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Activities: Ice lantern show, ice and snow sculpture competitions, ice sports and activities, trade fairs, ice carnival, cultural performances etc.

Venue: Harbin City

May – June

Evening Show, Reveling Dragon Boat Festival and Seething Sun Island

Activities: Bonfire, masquerade evening party, citizen karaoke, mass disco, crocodile performance, and tour to Paradise of Bears.

Venue: Sun Island Park

Water and Land Tourism Festival of Mt. Erlongshan

Activities: Tasting authentic tourist culture among mountains and in water

Site: Erlongshan Mountain Scenic Area

Yilan River Rafting Cultural Festival

Activities: Various cultural activities and sports, such as mountain climbing and river rafting.

Venue: Wuguocheng Plaza

Mt. Maoershan Mountaineering Festival

Activities: Mountain climbing, rafting, and forest camping.

Venue: Shangzhi City


Harbin Summer International Beer Festival

Activities: A series of activities such as beer drinking completion and variety shows.

Venue: the venue of Harbin Ice and Snow World, Songbei District.

China International Youth Animation Week

Activities: Variety show, summit forum, float parade, and etc.

Site: Harbin International Conference Exhibition and Sports Center

Yanshou Wellness Festival

Venue: Wellness experience, forum, vacation-spending.

Site: Yanshou County

Sun Island Summer Festival

Venue: A series of summer activities

Site: Sun Island

Harbin Folk Art Expo

Activities: Showing and selling folk arts, crafts and tourism souvenirs

Venue: Stalin Park

Guandong Gourmet Festival

Activities: Guandong delicacy and Laodaowai snacks

Venue: North 28th Street, Daowai District, Harbin

Harbin Horticulture Festival

Activities: Exhibition of agricultural products, mass sightseeing leisure.

Venue: Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Tonghe Huazishan Mountaineering Festival

Activities: Mountaineering competition

Venue: Tonghe County


China Heilongjiang Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Activities: Collection of chrysanthemum, and chrysanthemum photo exhibition.

Venue: Shangzhi Park, Xiangfang District, Harbin

Echeng Original Jin Culture Festival

Activities: Sacrifice Offering at Mausoleum of Wanyan Aguda and other activities

Venue: Echeng District, Harbin


Pick-Up Festival in Dongjin Grape Kingdom

Activities: Sightseeing of Rural custom, and agriculture

Venue: Dongjin Vieneyard, Harbin

Echeng Red Leaf Festival

Activities: Mountain climbing and appreciation of red leaves

Venue: Hengtou Mountain National Forest Park

China Heilongjiang Wuhua Mountain Sightseeing Festival

Activities: Appreciating the Wuhua Mountain in golden fall.

Venue: Yabuli Ski Resort

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