Helpful Phone Numbers for Your Harbin City Trip

Using a cell phone to make calls while you're in Harbin City can be an easy way to take care of things, and in most cases, it costs a fraction of what the hotel might charge you for a few local calls. Pre-program these Harbin City phone numbers into your cell phone before you leave home -- you'll be happy you did! Of course, if you won't be using your cell phone or bringing it along, these numbers are great to have anyway -- write them down on a sheet of paper and stash it in your wallet!


Harbin Taiping International Airport: (0451) 82894230 (manual); (0451) 82894220 (auto)

CAAC Booking Office in Zhongshan Lu: (0451) 82651188

CAAC Booking Office in Xinyang Lu: (0451) 84506688

Airport bus: (0451) 82896432 (auto)


Harbin Railway Station (inquiry): 0451-95105688

Long-distance Bus

Harbin City Highway passenger terminal (Pinyin: Harbin Shi Gong Lu Ke Yun Zong Zhan): (0451) 53640770


Songhua River Shipping Bureau Harbin Shipping Station: (0451) 88912653

Harbin Shipping Company Office: (0451) 88981484

Harbin Ferry Company Passenger Depot: (0451) 84616851

Taxi Company

Inquiry: 0451-88381537

Complaint: (0451) 84517488

Bus Company

Complaint: (0451) 55622813



Harbin Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tel: (0451)88029599      


First Hospital of Harbin

Tel: (0451)84883003 


Harbin Red Cross Center Hospital

Tel: (0451)84886601 

D. Fourth Hospital of Harbin

Tel: (0451)88029999  


Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital

Tel: (0451)88025555 

Emergency Numbers

Dial these free emergency numbers directly with any fixed and mobile phones anytime and anywhere when in an emergency:

110  Call police for help in any danger

119  Dial this number when fire or other disaster happens 

120  Call for an ambulance

122  Dial this number when a traffic accident happens 

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