Packing List for Harbin

Harbin Winter Vacation Packing Checklists for her, him and the family. Printable vacation packing lists for Harbin Ice Festival Tour...If you travel to Harbin during the ice festival, we have a packing checklist for you.

Helpful hint: Check with your airline regarding what you can carry on the plane as new rules and regulations change. Also, check the weather forecast for Harbin in the duration of your trip, as well as local customs for clothing guidelines. For your convenience, several Harbin winter vacation specific items are recommended on this list. Remember, travel experts advise to pack light.

Don't forget to pack your travel insurance policy!


•Belt /Pants /Socks /Underwear

•Sweater/Gloves/Winter Hat/Winter Jacket/ Scarves

•Silk or other long underpants, t-shirts or camisoles for carrying money and important documents

•Fanny Pack/Purse /Money Belt /Wallet

•Security pouch for valuable documents

Money and Travel Documents

•Flight tickets or Confirmation #

•Passport/ Visa/ Birth certificate/ ID Card

•Snail mail and e-mail addresses

•Travel insurance documents

•Business cards

•Cash/ Credit cards/ Debit card/ Traveler's checks

•Copy of Vacation Packing List

•Emergency numbers/ Embassy address

•Pre-paid phone card

•Medical information/ Vaccination documents and copies of prescriptions

•Vouchers/ Coupons/ Tickets


•Travel Guide(s)/ Maps and directions

•Pocket Journal/ Notebook and pen

Health & Hygiene


•Aspirin/Pain Relievers

•Dental Floss



•Feminine Hygiene

•First Aid Kit

•Hair Brush/Comb

•Lip Balm



•Motion Sickness Tablets

•Toothbrush & Toothpaste (some people may like use their own, actually, all the Harbin hotels offer these things)

•Shampoo & Conditioner (not all the hotels offer these things in Harbin)

•Allergy Pills (anti-histamines)

•Nail Clippers (pack in suitcase, not in carry-on baggage)

•Shaving Equipment (disposable razors ok to carry-on)

•Hairspray and any other styling products


•Cell phone/charger/ Batteries

•Kindle Reader

•Camera, manual, charger, extra chip/film

•Lap Top/Palm Pilot and charger

•IPod/Ipad/Iphone/Discman/MP3/ MP4/CD player charger

•Foreign-language dictionary/ Phrase book

•Compact DVD player and DVD's

•Cell phone charger and extra batteries for any and all electronics



•Phrase Book



•Mom's books and magazines

•Kids' activity books

•Kids' picture books




•Plastic Bags

•Sewing Kit


•Wall Socket Adapter


•Extra Glasses/Contact Lenses

•Swiss Army Knife (pack in suitcase, not in carry-on baggage)

•Snacks and cereal bars

•Water bottles

•Antibacterial wipes

Ski Items

If you'll be skiing, you'll need to take any gear that you don't plan to rent or purchase while on the trip.

In the ski bag, pack ski boots, goggles, gloves, sunglasses (to shield your eyes from all the light the snow reflects), a helmet and a bandanna for face and neck protection. You'll also need a pair of snow pants.

Have children who are old enough and adult family members keep track of their own ski items, though mom or dad may want to give kids a checklist so they know exactly what to pack.

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