Useful Information for Harbin Trip

ATM and Money Change

Most large hotels will change money.

Most ATM's around the city work with international cards, such as the Bank of China and the China Merchants Bank.

Western Union, Located in almost every China Post 中国邮政 ''zhongguo youzheng'' and Agricultural Bank 农业银行 ''nong ye yin hang'', look for the yellow western union sign. 西联汇款 xi lian hui kuan in Chinese 

The Main Office of the Bank of China (Tel: 5363 3518; 8:30 am – noon & 1-4:30 pm, is on Hongjun Jie near the International Hotel) and its branch office in Daliqu District (37 Zhaolin Jie; 8:30am – 4:30pm) have 24-hour ATMs and will cash travelers cheques.

China Telecom (中国电信 zhong guo dian xin)

Add: 420 Guogeli Dajie

There’s also a telephone office on the 2nd floor of the train station.

Internet Bar (网吧 wang ba)

There are numerous internet bars in Harbin. The prices are usually¥2 – 5. Here we just recommend some places for your info: 1) 2nd floor, Harbin Train Station; next to the fourth waiting room. There are other internet bars near the train station on Songhuajiang Jie (Songhua River Street); 2) 32 Xiliu Dajie; 3) 128-5 Hongxia Jie; 4) 178-4 5) Tongjiang Jie; 6) 101-1 Hongxia Jie. They are all off the Central Street (Zhongyang Dajie). If fact, most of the hotel rooms in Harbin have internet access, you need not get out of your room to find an internet bar, unless you don’t take your Iphone, Ipad or other laptop.

Photo Shop (照相馆 zhao Xian Guan)

(85 Zhongyang Dajie; 8am-8pm) Offers CD burning; its opposite the food market.

Post Office (邮局 You Ju)

Tielu Jie; 8:30 – 5 pm) To the south of the train station.

Public Security Bureau (公安局 Gong An Ju)

26 Duan Jie; 8:40 am-noon & 1:30 – 4: 30 pm Mon- Fri)



Harbin Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tel: (0451)88029599         Add: 270 Jianguojie


First Hospital of Harbin

Tel: (0451)84883003   Add: 151 Diduanjie, Daoli District


Harbin Red Cross Center Hospital

Tel: (0451)84886601   415 Xinyang Lu, Daoli District

D. Fourth Hospital of Harbin

Tel: (0451)88029999    Add: 119 Jingyu Jie, Daowai District


Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital

Tel: (0451)88025555  Add: 82 Zhongshan Lu

Emergency Numbers

Dial these free emergency numbers directly with any fixed and mobile phones anytime and anywhere when in an emergency:

110  Call police for help in any danger

119  Dial this number when fire or other disaster happens 

120  Call for an ambulance

122  Dial this number when a traffic accident happens 

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