Activities and Events for the 35th Harbin Ice Festival -2019

According to Harbin Municipal Government Executive Meeting in November of 2018, more than 100 activities and events will be held in Harbin city for celebrating the 35th Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. The activities and events fall into several categories, namely ice and snow tourism,  ice and snow culture, ice and snow fashion culture, ice and snow trade, and  ice & snow sports. 

The activities and events for ice and snow tourism including the 20th Harbin Ice and Snow World, 31st Harbin China Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Central Street Happy Ice and Snow Festival,Harbin Volga Manor Castle Skiing and Winter Camp, Wanda Ice and Snow Amusement Park, Snow Lotus Castle Skiing Park at Wulanhekou (Wulan River estuary) Wetland Park, Harbin Polarland winter tourism activities, Changling Lake Winter Fishing Festival, and the rest more than 15 activities and events. 

The activities and events for ice and snow culture including Beidahuang Ice and Snow Culture Festival, ice and snow tourism photographic match, art exhibition about ice and snow spirit, poetry party (the theme of the party is "the rhyme of winter"), ice and snow photography,original poetry, international ice sculpture competition,transnational ice sculpture competition,international snow sculpture competition, match among the masters of international snow sculptors, family ice and snow sculpture competition (only for Harbin city resident), and some other more than 10 activities and events. 

The ice and snow activities and events about fashion culture, including ice shows,ice and snow fashion shows,model shows, ice and snow collective wedding ceremony, China-Russia arts exchange performances, ice and snow beauty contest, selecting activity for "ice and snow children", and so on.  

The ice and snow trade activities and events, including 2019 Harbin Cold Zone Expo and Harbin Imported Food Exhibition and different level investment symposiums. 

For the ice and snow sports, including International Curling Stone Classic, Invitational World Youth Ice Hockey Game, International Mass Snowfield Futsal Game , International Sister Cities Badminton Invitational, China and Finland International Cross-country Skiing Prix,Campus  Snowfield Football Game, winter outdoor amusing sports meets, and etc.

Harbin China Ice Festival 2018

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