Harbin St. Alekseyev Church

Located in the interchange of Gogol Street and Gexin Street in Nangang District of Harbin, St. Alekseyev Church has been accompanied city Harbin gone through decades of years.

Harbin St. Alekseyev Church was a product during the Russo-Japanese War. In 1907, the redeployment of Russian troops moved to Harbin and built a wooden church at its present site in 1912 (on July 13, 2000, it was removed in the transformation of the surrounding environment). In October 1930, next to the wooden structure church, it began building the existing brick structure church.

Harbin St. Alekseyev Church

The church was designed by the Russian architect Smirnov • Rostov Tanuo Fu Sharansky, and completed on October 6, 1935. Now it is the Catholic Patriotic Association of Harbin. Harbin St. Alekseyev Church is a beautiful historical relics, it makes here produce an indescribable feeling of mysterious, beautiful and solemn.

Harbin St. Alekseyev Church China