Harbin Xiangfang Mosque

Located in Xiangfang District of Harbin City, the Xiangfang Mosque was constructed in 1905. It was once mindlessly defiled by the Red Guards during the period of Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and was restored to use in 1990. The mosque covers an area of approximately 1,600㎡, and with a building area of 225.33 ㎡. The major buildings of the mosque include the main hall, bath house and imam room. The main hall occupies an area of 87 ㎡. It is the largest mosque worship hall in Heilongjiang Province featured with Arab architectural style. 

 Xiangfang Mosque in Harbin

Xiangfang Mosque is a famous Muslim attraction in Harbin. Many local Muslims come here for worship, and pigeons can often be seen on its square. The mosque is one of the places to learn about Muslim history and culture in Harbin city. 

Xiangfang Mosque Harbin China


4 Songshan Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin

How to get

By taxi or public bus No.112, 16, 21, 23, 34, 70, 74, 7, 82, 86 or 90.