Zhaolin Park

By the beautiful Songhua River, the Zhaolin Park was built in 1906. Its initial name was "Directorate's Park." The park's name later was changed to "Park of the Special Municipality" and then to "Park of the Daoli District." The Heilongjiang Province government renamed the park after General Li Zhaolin, a famous general of the Anti-Japanese Amalgamated Army of the Northeast who was buried there on March 24, 1946. After improved in 1985, the park has become a nice place with enchanting scenery. In the east, there is Huaguo Mountain. In the west, there lies Rose Mountain. Xiaonan Islet is located in the south and glass flower cellar is found in the north. A man-made lake flows around in the center with five small bridges cleverly link the water area. In the park, there are arbors, the open-air theater, children's playground, skate land and flower and fish exhibition hall.

harbin zhaolin park ice lantern

The best time to visit Zhaolin Park is summer and winter. In summer, it has flourishing greenery and fragrant grasses and teems with beautiful flowers. The park has several beautiful small gardens, including the northern garden, reflecting-moonshine garden (Yingyue Garden), clove garden ( Dingxiang Garden) and southern greenhouse garden. In Winter, Zhaolin Park is the venue of the world well-known Harbin Ice Lantern Art Fair (aka Harbin Ice Lantern Show), which is held from January 5 to the late February every year. When night comes, the resplendence and multicolor of the ice lanterns fill the whole park. The vivid and peculiar ice lanterns are outfitted with modern technology, such as sound, light and automation. The design of ice lanterns includes beautiful sceneries from across the world and marvelous modern and ancient spectacles. Millions of visitors enjoy this supernatural ice and snow world each year, attracted by its reputation as a scenic spot. They marvel at the magnificence of the illuminated ice and snow sculptures and revel in the park as if they were in a fairyland.


74 Youyi Lu (74 Friendship Road), at the northern end of Zhaolin Dajie in Daoli District

How to Get

By taxi or public bus No. 101, 102, 103, 16, 8 and 23