7,000 People Involved in Construction of Harbin Ice and Snow World

On morning December 9, an ice collection and transportation team consisting of more than 500 trucks and 300 people gathered at the ice collection point, which meant the official launch of the ice collection work and ice and snow landscape construction of Ice and Snow World. After half a month's busy construction, with about 7,000 people involved, Ice and Snow World is expected to conduct a trial run on Dec. 25th.

This year's ice and snow world will organize "Ice and Snow Animation Carnival" during the day to make full use of the advantage of Ice and Snow World being nearest to the downtown area. The activities to be conducted during the 3rd Ice and Snow Animation Festival will strive to create a brand event, a fun park for "Playing with Ice and Snow" by highlighting ice and snow events, accompanied by more than 20 ice and snow activities. At the same time, such brand performance programs as the "Ice and Snow with European Charm" European-style singing and dancing show and "COOL Harbin" large-scale acrobatic show on the ice will take place. Also, the 2nd International Combined Ice Sculpture Competition and the 3rd Ice and Snow Animation Festival, the Ice and Snow Princess Parade, the Ice GO Obstacle-Challenge Game, Disco Party, Cartoon Fun Photography, Ice Bar Experience Museum and "Ice and Snow Clothes" T-Stage Show will be held in the park. 

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