Harbin Ice & Snow Expo Will Take Place on January 3, 2021

2021 Harbin Ice & Snow Expo will be held in Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 3 to 8. The theme of the expo is "Seeking Development in New Pattern, and Promoting Revitalization with Ice & Snow Economy", which is sponsored by Harbin People's Government and undertaken by Harbin Trade Promotion Council.

This Expo will give full play to the advantages of Ice & Snow industry resources in Harbin, promote the interactive integration of ice and snow tourism, culture, sports, equipment manufacturing and other industries, and promote the "cold resources" to become a "hot economy". The exhibition area is planned to increase to 25,000 square meters with over 500 booths focusing on the achievements of multiple areas, such as ice and snow equipment, ice and snow technology, ice and snow sports, ice and snow trade, ice and snow culture, ice and snow dress and clothing, etc. For the first time, a digital cloud platform will built on the Expo. Exhibitors and viewers can also participate in online exhibitions anytime and anywhere through online exhibition platforms and mini programs, which can realize display, negotiation, docking and other needs without leaving their houses.

2021 Harbin Snow & Ice Expo

During the Ice & Snow Expo, Harbin International Ice & Snow Economic Development Summit Forum will be held to invite domestic and foreign industry leaders and well-known exhibitors to discuss the development of Snow & Ice economy. The six-day Ice & Snow Expo will hold a number of purchasing docking meetings, new conferences, live delivery meetings, and provide procurement, communication, docking platform for exhibitors, traders, buyers to promote the transfer from projects to results.

In the same period, the expo plans to hold dozens of "International Ice & Snow Clothing New Products Display and Fashion Show", to reveal the 2021 new product trend , the pattern of "Ready to Buy on Fashion Show" will bring the audience a new exhibition experience. The organizing committee also specially invites many brands, such as cold foods, characteristic foods and green foods, to participate in the exhibition jointly, to promote the exhibition with sales, to promote the exhibition with expo, and to promote the consumption with exhibition, forming a good linkage effect of the exhibition industry.

2021 Harbin Ice & Snow Expo

On November 23, the logo of the 2021 Harbin Ice & Snow Expo was officially released. The six levels of design connotation of the logo on "Ice Soul, Snow Soul, City Flower, Celebration, Business, Bearing" respectively corresponds to and interprets the new development concept of "exhibition, discussion, negotiation, performance, sale and sincerity" put forward by the expo. The logo takes the hieroglyphics of the Chinese character "冰 (pronounce: bīng, meaning:ice)" as the motif, with the whole as a concentric and outward radiating double cycle modeling, pointing out the core theme of outward radiation and opening of the expo. At the same time, it is also like the Chinese character "承 (pronounce: chéng, meaning: bearing)", homophonic with "诚 (pronounce: chéng, meaning: sincerity)", meaning to build a good faith exhibition platform. The logo also added the elements of snowflake, lilac flower (city flower), highlighting the connotations of Harbin characteristic "snow and ice", and taking flower as the medium, to invite business to gather. Main body of the Logo is like a bunch of fireworks, showing the wonderfulness and brilliance of "Celebration + Performance" of the Expo. In addition, shape of the Logo is also like a converging water vortex of Songhua River, which represents the agricultural products from the black land irrigated by Songhua River will appear on the exhibition and sales platform of this expo.

Harbin Ice & Snow Expo 2021

According to the responsible person of Harbin Trade Promotion Council, the 2021 Harbin Ice & Snow Expo is committed to creating a grand ceremony of world-class professional ice and snow industry, to promote the upgrading of the Ice & Snow industry, to make every effort to promote the market-oriented cooperation in Ice & Snow projects and provide a source of power for speeding up the formation of a new development pattern of internal circulation Ice & Snow industry.

2021 Harbin Ice & Snow Expo

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