Slaughtered Year Pig Festival Will Come in Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo

According to the 27th Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo Organizing Committee, the Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo will launch an interesting Northeast China rural folk custom interactive program - the "Slaughtered Year Pig Festival" on January 31. On that day, the locals and tourists can watch and participate in some wonderful folk cultural activities, including slaughter pigs, do New Year's shopping, make traditional bean-curd, taste the happy meat (a special-cooked meat), and so on.

Slaughtered Year Pig is a traditional custom in the Han and other ethnic minorities of China, especially in the northern rural areas. When come to the twelfth lunar month, most families will slaughter pigs for New Year dumplings, hence the name “Slaughtered Year Pig". 

The folk custom of Slaughtered Year Pig reflects people pray for the New Year. During the Snow Sculpture Art Expo, the holding of “Slaughtered Year Pig Festival" series of activities can let visitors experience and learn about rich Northeast China's characteristics of customs. In addition, the Snow Sculpture Art Expo will recruit 27 children who under 12 years of age and their families to experience the northeast rural folk – taste the happy meat. 

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