15th Harbin Ice and Snow World Will Conduct Trial Operation on Dec. 30

On Dec. 15, 2013, all the work on the project of 15th Harbin Ice and Snow World are in full swing. The whole project will use 180,000 cubic meter ice and 150,000 cubic meter snow. The park will occupy an area of 750,000 square meters. Its estimated date of completion will be on Dec. 28, it will conduct a trial run on Dec. 30. And it will start its official operation on Jan 5, 2014.

Workers Dig Ice from the Songhua River

Workers dig ice from the Songhua River on Dec. 15 in preparation for the 15th Harbin Ice and Snow World.

Workers Take Ice from Songhua River for Building the Park of 2014 Harbin Ice and Snow World

Nearly 1,000 workers started to pick ice in Harbin recently for making ice sculptures.

Over 700 Cars Carry Ice on the Songhua River

More than 700 cars are carrying ice on Songhua River now.

An Ice Sculpture is Measuring the Ice

A worker is measuring the ice. 

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