Harbin Ice Lanterns Show in Beijing

It was reported that the "2015 Ice City Welcomes Winter Olympics" Harbin Ice Lantern Art Exhibition is shown at Beijing Workers' Stadium recently. The ice lanterns on displaying were designed and created by Harbin Ice Lantern Art Expo Center. This is the Harbin Ice Lantern Art Exhibition' second time show in Beijing since 1980's. Being a brother city of Beijing, Harbin uses its well-known ice lanterns to assist Beijing to bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. 

As the critical point of ice lantern is -3 ℃, the organizers specially invited Canadian designers to custom 4,000 square meters of large sheds in the Beijing Workers' Stadium and mobilized 30 mobile refrigerating machines to ensure a constant temperature at -5 ℃.

According to a responsible member of the Harbin Ice Lantern Art Expo Center Management Bureau, the Ice Lantern Art Exhibition were jointly organized by Harbin Municipal Government, Harbin Urban Management Bureau and the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions. The total amount of snow and ice in the activity is  4,000 cubic meters. In this exhibition, there are snow and ice buildings, crystal clear ice lanterns and ice sculptures which integrated into the most representative elements of Beijing, Harbin and the Winter Olympics. 

The admission fee of the exhibition is ¥100 per person. It has evoked great concern in Beijing since its beginnings. About 5000 tourists visit the exhibition every day. The exhibition started on December 31, 2014 and will last till February 13, 2015. 

Beijing Ice Lantern Fair

Beijing Ice Lantern Show 2015

 Beijing Ice Lanterns

Ice Lantern Fair Beijing Workers' Stadium

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