The 20th Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition Closed

The 20th Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition had ended on January 13 at the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo Scenic Area. The 28 participating teams were from the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Latvia, France, Italy, Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and China. There were more than 110 Chinese and foreign snow sculptors who were not afraid of cold and carefully crafted to pour their love of the good life and national ethnic culture into exquisite the works of snow sculptures. During the competition, the teams communicated and learned skills with each other, which had increased mutual international friendship and promoted the development and exchange of art and culture of ice and snow in the world.

Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo 2015

After the final evaluation, the major awards had been announced. Latvian team's work "the Boundaries of Inner Heart" won the first prize,which shows the insurmountable boundaries of people's inner world in occasionally. Russia's Yakutia team's work "the Harvested Early Morning" and its Khabarovsk team's work " the Warmth Derived from Peace" as well as Chinese ninth team's  work "Break Through" won the second prize. The Mongolia's first team's work "Miss the Melody," Poland team's work "Daily Struggle", Mongolian second team's work "Time", China - Russia joint team's work "Caring for the Earth", China's fifth team's "Predator" won the third prize. In addition, the British team's work "Must be Changed" won the Best Creative Award, Russia Sakhalin team's work "Overpass" won the Best Special Award, the Indonesian team's work "Cockfighting" won the Best Skills Award.

Harbin Snow Sculpture Competition 2015

As one of the highlights of the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, the Harbin International Snow Sculpture Competition is famous worldwide for its long history, exquisite art elegant style and rich ethnic characteristics. This year, the competition was special in its history with the most snow sculptors and the highest competitive level. According to the organizing committee, the competition also invited Juhani Lillberg, president at International Association of Snow and Ice Sculpture as one of the international judges, which ensured to make it more international and authoritative.

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