The 13th Heilongjiang Snow Sculpture Competition to Be Held from Dec. 7th to 10th

The 25th Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo Organizing Committee announced that registration for the first event of this winter's snow sculpture expo, the 13th Heilongjiang Snow Sculpture Competition begins on Nov.15th and ends on Nov. 28th.

This year's competition sets "Snow World, Snow Dream" as its theme, and will be held on Sun Island from Dec. 7th to 10th. Each participating team will consist of not more than three participants. The snow blank for a single sculpture will be a 27 m³.


Proposal submission: Participants shall be required to submit the creation and design proposals for their entries, with effect samples made with A4 paper.

Entry requirements: Teams who sign up for the competition must have experience in similar snow sculpture competitions and have won at least one award (above excellence award) in such competitions.

Credentials to present: The originals of award-winning certificates must be presented for registration.

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