Harbin Ice Lantern Fair 2015 Ticket

The 2015 Harbin Ice Lantern Fair (aka Ice Lantern Show), the 41th Harbin Ice Lantern Fair was open to the public on December 20, 2014. Its site is located in Zhaolin Park as usual. This winter, this theme park of the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Ice Festival uses 20,000 cubic meters of snow to create more than 2,000 ice lanterns and snow sculptures. The park consists of 8 areas and features many ice and snow activities. Its theme is "Ice and Snow Animation, the Fantasy-land". The park is expected to close on February 25, 2015. Its ticket policy as below:

Ticket Type


Apply to People

Adult Ticket


People who has no special documents or cards mentioned as below

Student Ticket


1. Children 1.2-1.4 meters

2. Students with valid student ID card (including schoolchildren, middle school student, college student, postgraduate student). The college students must show the second-generation resident ID card; student ID cards by other countries’ schools/universities are invalid.  

Harbin City Resident Ticket


1.  Harbin city residents with the second-generation resident ID card

2.  Harbin city includes 8 districts (Nangang, Daowai, Xiangfang, Pingfang, Songbei, Wulan, and Acheng) and 10 counties & county level cities (Shuangcheng, Wuchang, Tonghe, Shangzhi, Fangzheng, Yilan, Mulan, Bayan, Binxian and Yanshou)

Armyman Ticket


Officers and men (on the military service) from Chinese PLA with officer's ID card or soldier ID card; officers and men (on the military service)  from the Armed Police Force with officer's ID card and soldier ID card.

Free Ticket


1. Children below 1.2 meters

2. Disabled people (Chinese) with the second-generation resident ID card

3. Mainland Chinese seniors above 70 with the second-generation resident ID card

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