40th Harbin Ice Lantern Show to Be Opened Later this Month

On Dec. 17, the planning and design scheme for the 40th Ice Lantern Show was released. Every effort will be made to ensure that the Ice Lantern Show will be opened to the public later this month, and tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy 2000 icescapes in eight scenic spots.

This show will have the theme "Fifty Year's Ice Lantern, Wonder Spread to the Whole World", and strive to make innovative breakthroughs besides inheriting 50 years of urban culture of ice lanterns of the Ice City, Harbin. In the eight scenic spots, tourists can appreciate not only reconstructed classic landscapes like the Great Wall Ice Slide and Century Stage but also brand-new conceptual landscapes like Ice Rubber Duck and City Lights. Besides, the demonstration of urban context will definitely interest tourists.

Relying on Zhaolin Park's topography and landform, this show has planned "Two Areas, Three Halls, Four Services, Ten Iconic Buildings". The "Two Zones" are two large and small ice and snow entertainment areas; the "Three Halls" are the International Ice Sculpture Competition Hall, Ice and Snow Art Exhibition Hall, Ice Lantern History Exhibition Hall; the "Four Services" are four concentrated commercial service and leisure areas; the "Ten Iconic Buildings" are 8 ice lantern versions of iconic buildings, namely remodeled Nicholas Church, Great Wall Slide, Western Hill Tower, Jiuqu Baotu Spring, Ice Lantern Source, China Garden, LED Stage and Northern Winter Fun, and 2 new ice lantern landscapes in honor of the 50th anniversary of ice lantern. The "Octagonal Building" of Zhaolin Park will be used as an exhibition hall to display the history of ice lantern of the Ice City Harbin.

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