Tour China's Snow Town by Helicopter

This year, in order to offer a special opportunity for tourists to see the panoramic view of the China's Snow Town, the town debuts a wonderful helicopter tour.

The helicopter tour formally started in early January, 2015. The model of the helicopter is AS350B2, commonly known as "the French Small Squirrel". It can take five people (including the pilot) on each tour.

According to Chen Jun, the person in charge of the tour, the helicopter’s flight altitude is from 100 to 200 meters. It takes 15 minute to experience the whole tour at a cost of ¥680 per person. 

Chen Jun also said that the helicopter takes off at the Snow Rhyme Street (Xue Yun Da Jie) and lands in Yangchao Mountain, where visitors get off to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take some incredible pictures, and then fly back to the point of departure. 

"Currently, there is only one ticket office selling helicopter tour in the Snow Town. In the near future, we will increase several offices for providing convenience to tourists." Chen said. 

"The helicopter tour is very popular with tourists, if you want to experience the tour, you' better make a reservation in advance. " he reminded the tourists. 

China's Snow Town Helicopter

China's Snow Town Helicopter Tour

Tour China Snow Town by Helicopter

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