2021 Harbin Ice and Snow World Ticket Policy

Due to China's successful control of COVID-19, for benefiting all visitors (including foreigners who work, study or live in China), the 22nd Harbin Ice and Snow World (2021) will take up a new ticket policy as follow:

  1. Normal Ticket

    The ticket price of Harbin Ice and Snow World was RMB 290-330 in the past years. After a discount, the ticket price of the park for 2021 is RMB 100. Visitors can buy the ticket at the entrance of the park.

  2. Internet Ticket

    Visitors can book the ticket with ID card (passport is not available) through internet on different websites who sell the ticket of Harbin Ice and Snow World. The ticket price is RMB 100.

  3. Free Ticket

a. Children under 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters), senior citizens aged 65 or over.

b. Chinese military personnel on active service (including military retired cadre and military personnel released from active duty because of service-connected disability) and Chinese firefighters.

c. Reporter who holds press card issued by China National Press and Publication Administration.

d. Member of China Photographers Association

e. Tourism supervisor who holds the License of Social Supervisor of Service Quality in Tourism (issued by China National Tourism Administration).

f. Licensed tour guide who leads a group into the park.

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