Magic Ice Piano in Zhaolin Park

Have you ever played the piano with your feet? If you visit the ice lantern show at Zhaolin Park this winter, you will have the opportunity to play the piano with your feet, and the biggest ice piano in the world. The piano was designed by the staffs of the Harbin Ice Lantern Exhibition Center. It has become a highlight of the park since it was showed there in January 3, 2015. The piano measures 8 m in length and 1.2 m in width. The ice sculptors used 40 cubic meter of ice to make this magic piano. It has three voice parts ( high, medium, and low) and 21 keyboards. As long as you gently step on the keyboards, a wonderful sweet melody will come out of it with the fantastic light. 

Ice Piano in Harbin Ice Lantern Fair

Seahorse Ice Piano Harbin Ice Festival

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