Harbin Ice and Snow Expo Will Open on January 3, 2021

At the press conference on 2021 Harbin Ice and Snow Expo hold on December 23, 2020, journalist was informed that the Ice and Snow Expo will be hold from 3rd to to 8th of January 2021 at Harbin International Exhibition Center. Total of exhibition area this time is almost doubled compared to previous ones. World's top 500 companies will participate in this exhibition. Officials from General Administration for Sports of China, Canadian embassy and Norway embassy will attend the exhibition and forums. The Expo this time is at even better level of professionalism and internationalization which will be the joint focus of China and the rest of the world on ice and snow industry development in Harbin.

This Ice and Snow Expo will highlight the characteristics of professionalism and internationalization. Total of exhibition area is 23,000 square meter. 1,100 standard international booths will be arranged this time and total exhibition area is almost doubled compared with previous exhibitions. 12 exhibition areas will be provided for ice and snow equipment and devices, ice and snow clothing, ice and snow tourism, surrounding of ice and snow areas, ice sculpturing tools, and foods for cold regions. "Ice Sculptor Tools Exhibition Area" will be added for the first time.

Amongst 500 enterprises participating in the exhibition, enterprises and brands from other cities take up 65%. World's to 500 companies like Anta Group and Greenland Group, China's top 500 companies, public companies, leadership companies and well-known enterprises at home and abroad for top brands and a large quantity of products with special characteristics will show up at the exhibition.

Digital cloud platform will be set up for this ice and snow expo for the first time, which enable seven functions like dynamic cloud broadcasting and cloud negotiation. Ice and snow carnival is added on site where the audiences can gain experience with ice skiing, curling and VR snow skiing on site at exhibition. Live commodity promotion by Internet celebrities, delicious foods appreciation and model show are added to enable entity exhibition by "5G+VR" high technology.

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