Ice and Snow World Park Closed on March 1st

The Harbin Ice and Snow World 2015, one of the theme parks of the Harbin Ice Festival 2015, closed in the evening of March 1 because of the arrival of warmer weather and safety concerns on visitors.

During its 70-day operation, the park received more than 1.3 million tourists, increased by 47%  in the number of visitors compared with the corresponding period last year and reaching historical high.

Its revenue reached 320 million yuan($52 million), seeing a peak in the history.

This year, the Ice and Snow World Park originated the exclusive artistic image - the "Ice and Snow Elf", which spread all over the park and was popular with tourists from all over the world. In addition, the park made the first attempt to make a combination of European-style dances, acrobatics and magic, which drew thousands upon thousands of audience. 

According to the park, the steel structure of the two main towers  - China Has Fish and the main tower of the Ice and Snow Elf will be maintained and integrated into the planning of Harbin Summer International Beer Festival.   

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2015

Harbin Ice and Snow World Amusement Park

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