Baroque Architecture Area - A New Highlight of Harbin

This winter, tourists who travel to Harbin are not only amazed by the ice festival but also by its hundreds of Chinese-style baroque buildings in Daowai District. These buildings features rich romanticism, with delicate carving and rich colors. According to incomplete statistics, during the ice festival, more than 10,000 visitors pour into the district every day.

Located in the central area of Harbin's Daowai district, these Baroque buildings stretch all the way from Nanxun Street in the south to the Jingyu Street in the north, and from Jingyang Street in the west to the Nansidao Street in the east. This are is now under the protection of the city government, and is called Chinese-baroque History and Culture Protection Area.

The Chinese-baroque History and Culture Protection Area has become a show window of traditional Chinese culture. Since 2012, the Chinese-baroque History and Culture Protection Area have launched the "Dream Back Old Daowai, Folk Custom Thru Tour" and other 50 mass cultural activities which conducted Kanto shadow play, folk music, Peking Opera, Pingju opera, puppet shows, song and dance duet, comic dialogues, storytelling, acrobatics, magic and other characteristics performances as well as folk paper-cut, fish skin paintings, cloth-paste painting, blown sugar figurine, Chinese sugar painting, bamboo woven and so some other interesting folk artwork exhibitions.  

Harbin Baroque Architecture

Baroque Buildings Harbin, China

Harbin Baroque Buildings

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