2013-2014 China Heilongjiang International Skiing Festival

The 16th China Heilongjiang International Skiing Festival was opened on December 12th under the theme "passion skiing and magical Heilongjiang" at all of Heilongjiang's ski resorts at the same time.

Yabuli Ski Resort

From the beginning of Daxing'anling Yingshanhong Ski Resort opened the 2013 China Ice-Snow tourism on November 9th, each ski resort is represented by Yabuli Sunshine Holiday Village, Yabuli Ski Resort, Harbin Physical Culture Institute High Mountain Ski Resort, Jihua Ski Resort and other 5S level ski resorts opened in succession. Tourists can travel to the special ski resorts that have high mountain athletics, relaxation cross-country, freestyle skiing, one board park, high-end holiday, public skiing, children skiing, zoology holiday and Chinese-Russian style. The tourists can experience international famous ski resorts, fun clubs, the international ski school such as features services, one-stop experience the passion ski tour, ice-snow sightseeing, ice-snow art, ice-snow entertainment and other projects.

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