Harbin Stepping towards World Famous City of Ice and Snow Tourism

On January 5th, 2021, "Online forum for 2021 China Ice and Snow Tourism" was hosted by China Tourism Academy and Harbin Municipal People’s Government. The theme of this forum is "300 million people play on ice and snow and 1400 million people welcome Olympic Winter Games". At this forum, China Tourism Academy released "Report on development of ice and snow tourism in China 2021”. Harbin was honored to be the top-rated city among "China Top 10 Ice and Snow Tourism Cities". This report points out Harbin will step towards "World Famous City of Ice and Snow Tourism" in the future.

At the opening ceremony, Wang Zhaoli, the Member of the CPC Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Province and Secretary of CPC Committee of Harbin City and Jia Yumei, the Member of the CPC Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Province and Director of Publicity department of CPC Committee of Heilongjiang Province delivered speech in video, Song Qihui, the Deputy Director of Resources Development of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China delivered speech, and Daibin, the President of China Tourism Academy made a lecture. The opening ceremony of this forum was chaired by Cheng Xiaoming, the Member of the CPC Standing Committee of Harbin City and Vice Mayor of Harbin City.

While delivering the speech in video, Wang Zhaoli said, in recent years, Harbin has been practicing the development ideas of "Clear waters and green hills just like mountains full of gold and silver, frozen areas are also just like mountains full of gold and silver" by Xi Jinping, Secretary General of CPC, fully implementing the important instructions of “Drive ice and snow sports involving a population of 300 million", trying every effort to seize the great opportunity every in history from 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games, making every effort to develop ice and snow economy, turning "Cold resources" into "Hot resources" so that ice and snow economy will demonstrate positive trend of development. During the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan", Harbin will deeply explore the advantages of ice and snow resources. With ice and snow as medium, carry out exchange and cooperation in a wider range, promote high quality development of ice and snow economy, and try every effort to forge a world-famous city of ice and snow culture and tourism. This forum is themed with "300 million people play on ice and snow and 1400 million people welcome Olympic Winter Games" to direct in a scientific manner people to understand, know about and participate in the ice and snow tourism and sports, thereby identifying the breakthrough point for full integration into new pattern of development and offering encourage to 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

Wang Zhaoli said, this forum will become a sign that Harbin will fully and deeply initiate series of elegant ice and snow activities in various of forms where people of Harbin will demonstrate their hospitality in welcoming the friends at all hierarchies to Harbin for having fun with ice and snow, bathing in hot spring, eating delicious foods, enjoying folk customs and experiencing a different winter. Harbin will make every effort to implement epidemic prevention and control, and guarantee the services, so that every tourist will really have fun and comfort without anxiety.

In the video speech, Jia Yumei sai, Heilongjiang Province owns advanced resources for ice and snow. Ice and snow tourism tourism has unique characteristics. Harbin Ice and Snow World, Sun Island Snow & Ice Expo, Yabuli Snow Skiing Area, China Snow Town, Mohe in north pole, Fuyuan in East pole and other famous scenic spots are already the highlighted name cards for ice and snow tourism in Heilongjiang. All of these have formed "Net of popularity" and “Hottest point” in Heilongjiang and have attracted tourists from home and abroad for appreciation of fun and fun with snow

Jia Yumei sai, Heilongjiang will seriously uphold the development idea of "Two mountains of gold and two mountains of silver", include into core contents of building up strong province in the aspects of culture and tourism, make every endeavor to be a good player for "the game for ice and snow", formulate a good article of "Cool with ice in winter”, try every effort to cultivate ice and snow economy, develop ice and snow industry, strengthen ice and snow tourism and make all efforts to forge as "Double core industries" winter tourism and ice and snow economy in Heilongjiang.

"Top 10 ice and snow classics" and "Top 10 ice and snow fashions" are released by this forum for the first time. Participating experts and scholars, representatives of cities of ice and snow tourism, culture and tourism related enterprises, experts and scholars hold discussions on site in Beijing on the subjects around "The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" and high-quality development of ice and snow tourism. In the same day of forum, China Tourism Academy, Harbin Municipal People’s Government and Meituan jointly established ice and snow tourism base for Data Center of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China.

Live online broadcasting of the forum was also hosted by Chinanews App and at official portal of forum for 2021 China ice and snow tourism, as well as by Ctrip, Fliggy.com, Zaker, Bingcheng V app, Tik tok. 840,000 netters from all over China were watching on the line.

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021 - Dream Stage

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