Highlights of Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021

The 22nd Harbin Ice and Snow World is one of the theme parks of the 37th Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. From the late December of 2020 to the late February of 2021, if you visit Harbin, you should not miss the below highlights in the park.

Super-Speed Ice Slides

These extreme ice slides are the longest of their kinds in the world, each measures 320 meters! Tourists can try different thrilling slide to experience "The Fast and The Furious".

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021 - Ice Slides

Dream Stage

This traditional Chinese style ice building area is modeled on the famous Xi'an Drum Tower. Many shows will be on this stage during the period of 2021 Harbin Ice Festival. The park will organize the Penguins' Game here in some evenings, more than 10,000 tourists are expected to join the dance each time.

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021 - Dream Stage

Heart of Ice City

The Heart of Ice City is the main tower of the 22nd Harbin Ice and Snow World. Being the highest ice building of the park, it measures 40 meters in height, looks like a colored beating heart when lighted in the evening.

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021 - Heart of Ice City


It is a huge ice model of Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia. Here, the ice buildings are designed at a color motif of red, yellow and white. It is a great ice building area one can not miss.

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021 - Yekaterinburg

Sea of Rose

The Sea of Rose shapes a huge rose leaf and features numerous colored lights. It can show different scenes in the day and night.

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021 - Sea of Rose

International Ice Sculpture Competitions

The 35th Harbin China International Ice Sculpture Competition and the 10th Harbin China International Ice-Assemblage Championship will be held at the late December 2020. Visitors will see many fantastic ice sculptures, which are created by the artists from across the world.

Harbin Ice and Snow World 2021

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